April 2014

Short Term Self vs Long Term Self

April 15, 2014

I found this image on Tumblr and it really spoke to me. It would be a great discussion piece for the classroom about setting goals and working towards a bright future. We live in a day and age of instant everything. This can narrow our focus and [Keep Reading]

Daredevil Turns 50!

April 14, 2014

Daredevil #1.50 This a special single issue comic that celebrates the 50 Anniversary of my favourite superhero, Daredevil. The first story takes us to the future. Matt Murdoch is 50 years old and he has a nine year old son.  His son has heightened [Keep Reading]

WIHH4: Hip-Hop and Motherhood

April 12, 2014

Welcome to Know Your History, your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge. Today’s show is part of our 4th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Special. We celebrated International Women’s Day this year with over 7 hours of content dedicated to [Keep Reading]

WIHH4: Dessa Spotlight

April 11, 2014

We continue to celebrate International Women’s Day with our 4th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Spectacular. Dessa was part of our roundtable discussion and it was quite the lively conversation. We have her back for this hour of radio, to get more [Keep Reading]

WIHH4: All Female Hip-Hop Mixset

April 10, 2014

Here is an hour-long mix focusing completely on hip-hop’s better half as we continue celebrating International Women’s Day with our 4th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Spectacular.  Press play and enjoy the tunes! Dynasty – Magnificent [Keep Reading]

Lost in Shangri-La

April 7, 2014

Lost in Shangri-La by Mitchell Zuckoff I bought this book for my dad when he got readmitted to the hospital back in August of last year. My dad was an avid reader and would spend about two hours a day reading. He especially liked books about war and [Keep Reading]

Life on Mars . . . Perfect Television

April 5, 2014

Life on Mars is a brilliant television series that I have only just discovered. It centres around the character of Sam Tyler, a police officer played by John Simm. In the pilot episode, he gets hit by a car and wakes up thirty years in the past. He [Keep Reading]

Chasing Content – April 2013

April 3, 2014

Chasing Content is a monthly feature here on Silent Cacophony. This is how it works, at the start of each month I look back at the blog entries I posted the previous year in that month and highlight some of my favourites. This gives us a chance to [Keep Reading]

5 April Fool’s Jokes to Play on Your Class

April 1, 2014

Today is April Fool’s Day and it’s a school day. I know that a lot of teachers out there are dreading what might happen today. On a normal day, we can have our share of jokers in the class. This day can push them over the edge. So here [Keep Reading]
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