Chasing Content – April 2013

ExcavationChasing Content is a monthly feature here on Silent Cacophony.

This is how it works, at the start of each month I look back at the blog entries I posted the previous year in that month and highlight some of my favourites. This gives us a chance to dig through the old posts and unearth some gems that might otherwise get buried in the archives.

Let’s start the excavation.

I’d hate for these great posts to get buried in the archives never to have been seen again.

Read all of the posts from last April

or just these favs . . .

Putting the Roof on my TARDIS

Making a full-sized TARDIS was a lot of fun. I loved blogged about every step of its creation as well. This summer, I will be working on making a fan film using it. I hope to share that with you here too.

Get Professional Sounding Recording on Audacity

It took me a long time to learn how to put together great radio shows using the free program Audacity. I hope you can use the tips that I’ve picked up over the years. My earlier work isn’t nearly as polished as it should have been. These tips work!

Lessons We Can All Learn From Skateboarding

This TED talk is phenomenal! Dr Tae suggests that the educational system can learn a lot from skateboarding. Being an educator and a skateboarder, this video really spoke to me. But we can all learn from his advice and unique take on learning in the classroom.

The History of Women in Hip-Hop

I transcribed last year’s Women in Hip-Hop special. I used to transcribe all my radio shows but simply don’t have the time to do it any more. This one is a great show. You can download it for free, stream it, or read it. Enjoy!

Hip-Hop’s Better Half

We do have one. Females have been running this game for 100 years. I’m not exaggerating either. Click through to read the transcript or download the show and hear for yourself.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

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