March 2009

  • Teaching Tip Tuesday – Tribes

    Students need to learn how to work cooperatively, how to treat each other with respect, and how to listen attentively. These are life skills that are absolutely essential to have. Yet these skills are not addressed in the Ministry of Education’s curriculum documents. As teachers, we are expected to teach a variety of subject areas […]

  • Lend Your Support

    I was planning on writing a post this week about the possible demise of Canadian television. Several stations have already cut back on programming. Morning shows have been disappeared and some Canadian community channels have already shut their doors. I think we need to have local broadcasters and television stations. The problem is that some […]

  • Year Three of My Five-Year Mission

    My five-year mission was simply to write as much as possible with the goal of being published within five years. I started this blog two years ago today with that goal in mind. It seemed achievable and I have been working towards that end since then. This was my first-year update at the start of […]

  • The Internet Should Be Free

    I have noticed that some places of business offer free wireless Internet. I think this is a great idea. The Internet should be free. Can’t we take this a step further? I know that some municipalities offer free wireless Internet in the downtown core. It makes sense to do this. Downtown business areas are the […]

  • I Joined the Dark Side

    I haven’t owned a fully functioning computer in years. When I started this blog I did all my writing on an old and outdated laptop. It wasn’t powerfully enough to do much of anything on it besides word processing but that was fine with me. I wrote all my blog posts offline and saved them […]

  • Teaching Tip Tuesday – Character Education

    A huge part of teaching lies outside of the curriculum. Teachers cannot simply teach the basics; math, science, social studies, English, etc. We need to teach the students how to work together cooperatively, how to follow routines and procedures, and how to strive for their best. Character education has become a bit of a buzzword […]

  • Hamilton – The New Hot Spot

    The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos is a great program. I like to watch this show whenever I can, but some nights I just can’t stay up that late to watch it. Fortunately they have a really good website where they archive entire shows and popular segments. I was looking forward to March 18th’s show because […]

  • Larissa Rocks!

    This is what I wrote last year on March 28th, “I don’t remember the last time I was so excited for someone to win a game show. But I must admit that for the past six episodes I have been sitting on the edge of my seat and cheering. And all of this for a […]

  • Running Season Starts

    I love this time of year. The snow has melted and winter has retreated. The air is crisp and cool, yet quite inviting. In fact, so far the weather has been amazing for March Break. The temperatures have been well above seasonal. It’s been really nice. It has actually beckoned to me and my running […]

  • If You Don’t Look, You Find

    This is what I wrote here a few weeks ago on February 4th. “I’m ready to move on. It’s been a long time since my heart was broken. But I don’t want to go looking for my true soul mate. I figure that if it is meant to be, we will find each other. Maybe […]