Year Three of My Five-Year Mission

My five-year mission was simply to write as much as possible with the goal of being published within five years. I started this blog two years ago today with that goal in mind. It seemed achievable and I have been working towards that end since then.

This was my first-year update at the start of year-two.

This past year, I finished writing another novel. I revised and rewrote sections of my young adult novel as well. I believe that it is nearly ready to be shopped around to publishers. I really like how this story turned out.

I wrote my first short story this year.

So far I have written a screenplay, a verse novel, a young adult novel, a literary novel, a short story, and 504 blog entries. That’s a pretty good haul for two years.

I also joined the airwaves this past year and became part of the production team for Dope FM, a hip hop mix show on 93.3 CFMU here in Hamilton. The show is available as a podcast each and every week.

I have interviewed artists and really enjoyed my role as an on-air personality. This year, I will be launching a new monthly segment for the show on the history of hip-hop. I am really excited about this project.

It should be another stellar year here at Silent Cacophony. Thanks for coming along with me on this mission. I really love having this outlet and I appreciate you reading my words, commenting on posts, and following me on Twitter.

Happy Blog Birthday Silent Cacophony!

Here’s to a great Year 3!

3 responses to “Year Three of My Five-Year Mission”

  1. Happy Anniversary Chase. Can you believe it’s been two years? You’ve done a lot and are definitely closer to your 5 year goal.

    Ironically, Monday marks my 2 year anniversary. We’ll both be embarking on year three at the same time. Pretty cool!

    I look forward to reading more of your great writings.

    I also wish you the best with getting your work published.

  2. Thanks Silverfish!

    Hi Barbara,

    That’s pretty cool that we started about the same time. I really enjoy reading your blog. You continue to be an inspiration to me. Thanks!