Larissa Rocks!

This is what I wrote last year on March 28th,

“I don’t remember the last time I was so excited for someone to win a game show. But I must admit that for the past six episodes I have been sitting on the edge of my seat and cheering. And all of this for a contestant on Jeopardy.”

That contestant was Larissa Kelly.

I watched and cheered as she won six matches in a row. She seemed unstoppable. I blogged about her on the day of her seventh appearance on the show. Unfortunately her reign as Jeopardy Champion ended that day. For a while I thought I jinxed her by posting up my entry that day. I sure hope I didn’t.

When all was said and done she won a total of $222,597. It was an impressive performance. Read about it in more detail here. It was sad to see her go but I knew she’d be back for the Tournament of Champions.

Last night marked her return to the show. I once again sat on the edge of my seat and cheered her on. She started out strong and quickly pulled ahead of her two competitors. It looked like she might run away with the game but then Dave Simpson went for a true daily double and got it.

Larissa managed to stay ahead of him but at Final Jeopardy it could have been anyone’s game. I sat in suspense as Dave got the final question correct. It was then all on Larissa. She looked confident. It wasn’t an act. She won with a total of $30,000. And best of all she will be back next week for the final round of the Tournament of Champions.


5 responses to “Larissa Rocks!”

  1. Hi Chase

    It’s really cute to see the things you get excited over. I hope she does well next week, maybe we’ll see another post.

  2. you’re a larissa fan too. so am i. i hope she wins. i really don’t like aaron at all. he’s as smart as a whip though. larissa is the female ken jennings, but better. 🙂

    I SO LOVE JEOPARDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. AND WHAT about the contestant who gave away all her money to charity. i don’t think so. the grandma. i’ll give them some, but all. i don’t think so.

  4. Hi Natural,

    Jeopardy is a really cool show.

    I thought it was kind of cool that one of the contestants gave her money away to charity. I don’t think I would have done that, at least not all of it. But I won’t ever have to worry about that. I don’t get enough of the question right to ever be on the show. Wheel of Fortune on the other hand, I could so go on there.