July 2007


July 4, 2007

I wrote a trio of poems on the same theme “Out of Bounds.” Let me know what you think. They should appear in the proper order when the July 2007 page loads up. If not, here is the intended order to read them in. Out of Bounds She’s [Keep Reading]

Remember Prisoners of Gravity?

July 3, 2007

Prisoners of Gravity was a unique television show that fit a niche. It was a show about science fiction writing and it ran for five seasons. Rick Green played the character of Commander Rick. In the opening comic strip type sequence we see that [Keep Reading]

The Coolest Canadian

July 2, 2007

In honour of Canada’s 140th birthday and this holiday long weekend, I think it is time to recognize some Canadian talent. I think one of the coolest guys on the planet is Canadian. This guy has a presence that comes through the television screen . [Keep Reading]
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