Remember Prisoners of Gravity?

Prisoners of Gravity was a unique television show that fit a niche. It was a show about science fiction writing and it ran for five seasons. Rick Green played the character of Commander Rick. In the opening comic strip type sequence we see that Commander Rick builds a space craft out of his Camaro Z-28. When he takes off he crashes into a communication satellite and the two objects become merged together. Rick then becomes a pirate broadcaster and beams a weekly show about science fiction, comic book, and fantasy writing back down to earth.

Rick, now stranded in space, used the satellite to help communicate and interview very notable writers and artists. It was broadcast on TVO, Canadian Public Television and was a half-hour show. Each show featured several interviews and touched on some really great themes. All in all, about 600 interviews were featured. I wish this show was still on the air.

The premise really held the show together. It was very well done and it became quite a popular show. It has been rerun almost continuously since it was cancelled in 1994. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is currently on the air and it seems like it will not get a DVD release.

I don’t know why we don’t have a show like this anymore. I don’t think anything has come to fill this void. It was a unique show that was popular and gained quite an audience. At least for now, we have short segments on Space television that are somewhat similar. But I really miss the show. It would be nice if Space could resurrect PoG, or at least expand its Shelf Space segments into a full show.