This Song Should Get Radio Play (Day 18)

Day 18 – A song that you wish you heard on the radio

Murs “Everything” –

I think this is such an inspiring song. I wish you could hear it on the radio instead of all the pointless pop songs that really don’t seem to have any message to them whatsoever. This rap song might also smash some people’s preconceived notions of rap music. The content here is powerful. Give it a listen.


“One, two
She was only fifteen, in love with bad R&B
She had to have vision because she started staring me
Encouraged me to write about the drama in my life
To most it seemed strange like something wasn’t right
I used to fall a victim to them lunch room comedians
Something like an Outkast, started smokin’ weed and then
I sorta fell into my own
Kinda felt at home when behind a microphone
But on the bus ride home
That didn’t mean a thang
Harassed by thugs, on the corners they would hang
I got banged on
I got beat down
Carrying a golf club, walking up the street now
They respect me
They call me crazy
At least I’m not getting punked out on the daily
And when I look back I wouldn’t change a thing at all
Where do you think I found the strength to be speaking to y’all?

I take everything
Your hopes and your dreams and your hate and your lies
Oooh oooh oooh, in this life
I’ll join everyone
From the old and the wise to the young, stay fly
When I die

Now if God is Love and hating is Satan
Thin type patience got me sitting here waiting
for the day when it’s okay to love
when black men won’t pretend that they’re thugs,
when teachers and doctors get treated like celebrities,
you can get a job even if you got a felony
check out my melody, let’s live in harmony
We in this together, no man has autonomy
No man is an island, immune to the violence
This rap race is no place to raise a child in
What’s wrong with smiling?
What’s wrong with peace?
What’s wrong with squashing beef before they label you deceased?
Swallow your pride before you choke on your issues
I know you got family and folks that’ll miss you
So don’t misuse this gift you’ve been given
This life’s but a dream you are blessed to be living


And basically man, I’m just a dude who tries to do right
You know I try to make my tomorrows better than my yesterdays
Without hurting anyone else in the process
Cause if you leave the world a better place than it was when you got here, we all win

Now, there’s birth and there’s death
But there’s space in between
Is where the journey takes place and you give it all meaning
There’s waitin’ on us all, there’s no need to pretend
No freedom in the feeling where you fear it in the end
All good things come to it
Walk, don’t run to it
At times you want to end it all yourself, don’t do it
Be original
Be different
Be the one that stands up and shocks this system”

– Murs “Everything” from the album Murs For President

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