Teaching Tip – Super Doors

A few years ago, when I was teaching Grade 4, I looked at my classroom door and had an epiphany. 
As I stared at the blank and boring door, I thought of a way I could spruce it up with a bit of colour and share my love of comic books at the same time. 
The Fantastic 4 were quite big at the time, with the release of the live action film. I thought that it would be really cool to flip that title a bit by painting “Fantastic Grade 4” on my door. 
This is what we came up with, 
I love the play on words here. We didn’t just paint our door with something we enjoyed, we became the Fantastic Grade 4 Class. 
The following year, I wanted to carry on the tradition, so I picked another member of the super-hero team. My class helped trace the image of The Thing from an overhead. We then painted it, this time with tempra paint instead of powdered paint and got a much sharper image. 
This year, I am teaching the Junior Mutli-Level class at my school. Since I couldn’t think of a clever super-hero tie in to my class, I thought I’d go with my favourite super-hero, Daredevil. 
I really love this one! 
You can personalize your classroom by painting whatever you like on your classroom door. 
Here’s how,
1) Cut a piece of butcher paper to fit your door. 
2) Find an image and project it onto the door. 
3) Trace the image with black marker. 
4) Paint the image.
5) Paint the background.
6) Trace over the outline of the image with permanent marker to make it stand out. 
7) Use lots of masking tape along every single edge so it can stay up all year long. 

Try it out.

Personalize your door. Let the kids do most of the work and you can even have them all sign it once it is done.

Trust me, everyone is going to love it!

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4 responses to “Teaching Tip – Super Doors”

  1. Hi Hilary,

    I like to give my classroom a unique entrance way. The kids really enjoying the process as well. But it would also be a great thing for parents to do with their kids. Great thought, thanks!

    Hi Braveheart,

    Good to see you again. Thanks!