A Six-Pack for Canada Day

Happy Canada Day Everyone!

To celebrate the birth of this fine nation, let’s watch some short one-minute films.

These Heritage Minutes were created to help celebrate Canadian achievements and innovations. You may have seen these on television. If not, you might be interested to know that . . .

Superman is Canadian.

Basketball is Canadian.

The First Nations People first produced Maple Syrup

In the Halifax Explosion, there was a local hero.

Laura Secord is more than just chocolate.

There are dozens of these segments. I really like how they are regularly shown on Canadian television. It is a great way to learn some important Canadian history in less than a minute. I hope they continue to produce these short segments.

Let’s celebrate our great nation today by recognizing all that we have to offer the world. I’ll leave you with one more video, and then wish you all a safe and happy holiday long weekend whether you are celebrating Canada Day or the Fourth of July.

This Flag says, “Canada!”

Let’s fly it high today!

Happy Canada Day!

2 responses to “A Six-Pack for Canada Day”

  1. Hi Chase .. that's quite interesting those one minute snippets reminding Canadians of heritage aspects ..

    Enjoy the weekend .. Happy Canada Day .. Hilary

  2. Thanks Hilary,

    This is also the start of the summer for me. The last day of school was yesterday. It's been an incredibly busy last month or so. Summer vacation sounds so good right about now.

    I hope you have a great weekend and an excellent summer too.