Runnning with Tag-Alongs

There is something about running that is very hard to explain. I absolutely love it. It gives you something that you can’t get any other way. It is a totally freeing activity. I can’t understand why more people don’t run. Don’t they know how good it feels?

I run what is called middle distances. I like running 5 kilometre routes. I know my pace and that distance usually takes me about twenty minutes. I usually run alone but I really enjoy it when I can run with other people. The problem is that when I decide to go for a run, I just go. I don’t need to prepare for it. I don’t need to consult anyone. I just dress up and go.

Yesterday I was doing my warm-up stretches out front of my house and a few of the neighbourhood kids rode up to me on their bikes. I told them that I was going for a run and I told them how far I was going and how long it would take. They asked if they could come along too. I finally had some running partners. Sure they weren’t exactly running but it was nice to have them tag along.

I ran for about five minutes with the two kids following behind me on their bikes. One of them rode up right beside me and kept pace. She asked me if I was tired. I said, “Not yet,” and kept running. She was probably seven years old and her friend was about five. I was worried that they might not be able to keep pace with me but they did.

I enjoyed that run so much. I had to slow down a couple times and double back so I wouldn’t leave the younger boy too far behind. But at the end of our five kilometre route, I think they both enjoyed it as much as I did. It was really nice having those tag-alongs join me on my run.

4 responses to “Runnning with Tag-Alongs”

  1. Something else to think about:

    Kids really appreciate it when grownups take them seriously, since they typically are ignored, patronized or punished by big people in the world.

    So they probably enjoyed the scenario as much as, if not more than you did.