Port Gratiot Trail

Just across the border of Sarnia, Ontario is the small community of Port Gratiot. I decided to explore the nature preserve and walking trail because I like exploring new places to run and thought doing so in a different country would be a nice change of pace.

The trail had regular distance markings along it, which was really nice.

And it boarded several small ponds. There were also playground structures and open fields for children to enjoy.

Kettlewell Pond is a great place to enjoy nature. It allows for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing and is easily accessible via the paved trail.

There are several docks around the perimeter of the pond as well.

This run was beautiful but the trail itself is a little short. It continues alongside a street a little further back but does not go into the woods as I would have hoped. Instead, that area is fenced off for the nature reserve.

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