Magic Street, Transformers UK, and more!

I love reading! Here are the latest titles I’ve zoomed through this month.

Magic Street by Orson Scott Card

Cecil Tucker discovers an abandoned baby and convinces his mom to adopt him. He names the baby Mack Street and he becomes a big brother / mentor to the little boy. Cecil just knew that there was something special about this child from the very beginning and that it was his duty to protect him.

With the word “Magic” in the title, you can expect that Mack has certain powers. The story is described as an urban fantasy and Card certainly delivers a great read. I’ve never been disappointed with any of his work.

In the author’s note at the end of the book, Orson Scott Card mentions how his friend Roland Bernard Brown had been encouraging him for years to write a novel that featured a black hero. It’s really nice to get this history of the book and the creative process as well.

Transformers: Classics UK Volume 2

This huge graphic novel is the second in a series that reprints the original comic stories from the United Kingdom. There is a lot of bonus content in this book that gives a complete history of how Marvel UK differed from what was happening with the Transformers in the United States of America. It’s really cool to see how they bridged the gaps with their original stories in the weekly comics. This is a great read for die-hard Transformer fans

Jack of Fables: Vol. 2 Jack of Hearts by Bill Willingham, Sturges, Akins, Leialoha

I really liked reading how Jack of Fables became Jack Frost. He tells the story while hiding out with some of the other Fables who escaped from their captors at end of volume one. So far this series is pretty good. Looking forward to volume 3.

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