A Letter to My Ex

“All I ever wanted was for us to be happy
I know I spent too much time on me
should’ve been more there for you
I didn’t know how to build or see it through
I’m sorry for all the mistakes I made
but there’s no way to go back and change
no use in assigning blame
I still feel the same way,
I did when I first got to know you
I loved and lost and it hurt
both me and you. It’s true.

Too bad there’s no way to go back
I’d know what to do this time
We would really make it work
and not repeat our past crime
I thought it was meant to be
but we faded out easily
It would’ve been hard to make it work
but anything worth it is difficult.

I hope you’re happy in your new life
I’m getting adjusted to mine
In time, I know that we’ll be fine.”

I found this old poem and crinkled up the paper. I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away for some reason. I’m in no position to give it to my ex. It doesn’t make things right. I don’t know if it serves any purpose at all.

There were two other half-started poems on that page, some doodling, and a few story ideas on the back. Not really worth keeping. Yet I spent the time typing it up and posting here. Why, I really don’t know.