Internet Chess

It’s amazing all the things you can do on the Internet. Yesterday I was declared a blog addict. It’s true. I am addicted to reading, writing, posting, replying, and surfing to various blogs. If I had a computer at home I could easily see it taking up a lot of my time. Having to rely on the library or school computers I guess helps my “addiction.” That way, I can’t spend inordinate amounts of time online.

So my time online needs to be budgeted. I need to blog everyday, there really isn’t anyway way around that. I normally take the weekends off, mainly because I don’t normally have access to a computer then. I check my email everyday as well.

One more interesting thing that I do online is play chess. My brother is a chess addict. He plays games everyday at lunch where he works. Well, last year, he told me about Chess Corner, which is a website that allows you to have correspondence games. It is the coolest thing. Everyday I sign on and make one move on our virtual chess game. It is kind of like email because the person you play against doesn’t have to be online at the same time. The coolest thing about it is that it really only takes about two minutes out of your day.

It might take up to two weeks to finish one game, it doesn’t really matter how long it takes. Once a game finishes we start up another one right away. I have been playing against my brother and my father now on this site for about a year. It is a great way to stay in touch. Not only do we get to play together, there is also a feature on the bottom of the board that allows you to type messages to each other. My brother is a busy guy. This has become or main way to communicate now. We call each other of course, but the calls are few and far between, it seems.

Anyway, if there are any chess fans out there that would like to challenge me to a game. Let it be known. I will tell you how to find me there. Oh yeah, I should warn you, I am not very good so you really don’t have anything to worry about.

6 responses to “Internet Chess”

  1. I have never been able to figure out chess, though a good friend tried to teach me once. My big, wonderful, rap-loving high school best friend. How’s that for smashing stereotypes?

  2. Alright. Anyone who would like to play chess with me. First go to and sign up.

    After you get your confirmation email, you can go to the section on the homepage that says “Invite a Player to a game”

    At the top of the screen, it will automatically list the players who are currently online. Change that by clicking on the arrow to find player by nickname. My nickname is my name “chasemarch.”

    You will then see my name in blue underneath what you typed. Click on that and follow the instructions to challenge me. I look forward to playing with you Silverfish and anyone else who would like a game.