Free Preview

I was flicking through the television stations aimlessly the other day. Nothing was on. I searched in vain to find something worth watching. It’s been a tiring week and I needed to just kick back and relax, but nothing was on.

As I channel surfed, I noticed that I seemed to get a few channels that I don’t normally get. I found out that it is “Back to School Free Preview Month.” Yes! What a great back to school gift. Thanks.

When nothing is on, I can put on Much Music and watch music videos all day long. I can switch to BET when videos come on that I don’t like. Unfortunately those are the only two music video channels I get. But during this free preview I can get Much Vibe. I wish I could get this channel all the time. It shows hip hop, R&B, and reggae videos all day long. It is great!

The best thing about Much Vibe is that they show a lot of videos that you would never see on BET. They show conscious rap that actually carries a good message. They show little known Canadian talent. They play the kind of hip hop music that I really enjoy. It is great to have this video channel, even if it is for a short amount of time.

I plan on taking full advantage of this free preview month. Real hip hop lives!