Free Christmas Carol Music for Band

ChristmasI have quite a bit of Christmas music written specifically for the concert band. The problem is that many of my students don’t like the sheet music that I have purchased. And when I look at the individual parts, I can see why.

The pieces sound great when played in a large ensemble but when played individually, they don’t sound like the tunes we all know and love. I know that if I were a student, I would want to play the main melody and not some back-up bass line or harmony part.

That is why I love what Chad Criswell has done for all of us music lovers out there. He has written simple versions of all of the Christmas Carols for every instrument of the concert band. There are no tricky two part melodies or harmony parts. Every instrument plays the same tune in unison. It is absolutely perfect for beginning musicians in middle school. And best of all, it is free.

He has even given us the original SIbelius notation files so we can customize the pieces further if we want to. This is such a great Christmas gift that I had to share it all with you.

So head on over to his site, and leave a comment that I sent you. I am sure he would love to know that his work is being used and appreciated by all us musicians.

Free Lyrics and Sheet Music for Christmas Carols

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