Blog Birthday

Silent Cacophony turns one today. Happy Birthday!

It’s almost hard to believe that it has been a year since I made my first post. I really enjoy blogging. I hope you enjoy reading it.

I want to thank everyone who has ever supported me or left a comment. I don’t think I would be doing this still without all of you. My sincerest thanks go out to;

ECD, Silverfish, Leese, Alexis, Chipazoid, Karen, Amarpreet, Stephanie, Anonymous, Lisa, Secret Simon, Vienne, Dawn, Kat, Laura Stamps, Lizzy Dizzy, Em Soden, HeiressChild, Mended Meanderer, DA, Melissa, and Ammietia.

And if there is anyone else I forgot to mention, please forgive me.

And to the other readers who never leave a comment but continue to show up and read, Thanks.

Thanks to all the great blog writers who I have visited and commented on your blogs. Blogging has been a great experience that I plan to continue for quite some time.

Happy Birthday Silent Cacophony!

4 responses to “Blog Birthday”

  1. your so funny lol a year wow that’s a long time! Umm.. I don’t know what else to say I’m still have a sleep even though its after lunch. My engineer class is crazy we are doing architectural engineering. It’s ok its not the best class but i’m with an 100% or with an A+. It’s easy and relaxing. I have so much on my mind that’s its crazy I like this guy we’ve been friends for about 6 years and then now i like the guy, i told a friend and she told the guy’s sister and told her brother that i liked him. I asked my friend if she ever told and says no but then Tuesday night she finally told me the truth that the guy now knows. And now the guy won’t talk to me as much as he did before but we do look at each other. I’m starting to think that he may like me and he’s just afraid that he might mess it up. But whatever I like guys who have confidence in themselves and likes sports. He plays basketball, and football. I have about 11 weeks left of school that’s crazy, then i graduate and then off to college. i plan on going to a community school then trandfering to a four year Buffalo State College is one of the best schools for teaching so I plan on attending there in a few years. WOW I wrote a lot Im sorry I just have a lot to think about and I have alot going on. Hope you don’t mind if i do this sometimes about going on forever, but see if we talked in person I can talk for ever I love talking only when im with people I know and when I am awake and not ready to fall asleep. But any way I am sorry for writing soooo much please forgive me but hey if you wanted i can “write” a book lol. Well, I guess I’ll let you go!! CIAO

  2. You could write a book. You should try it some time. It’s fun. I love writing.

    And don’t apologize for replying to my posts. I love replies. Thanks for reading and visiting. Hope all is well with you. It sounds like it is.

  3. Thanks everything is going ok i am tired as heck. I am ready to fall a sleep and I can’t because I am busy tonight I have plans and I don’t get home from school until like 4 in the afternoon. Then I have to be somewhere at seven, but im going to a friend’s house before i go out at 7 o’clock. Like i said before on the other comment enjoy your weekend and have fun just don’t do anything crazy. And I promise I won’t do anything stupid!! I don’t know if you want to post this but i have a few persona; queations to ask? if you don’t mid? How old are you? how long have you been teaching? are you seeing anyone right now? well, i got to go talk to you later BYE!!

  4. Sorry Lizzy Dizzy but those questions are best answered in an email and not on my blog comments.

    I have had a few emails about post topics and I like to receive them. Sometimes a blog discussion just isn’t the right place. That’s why my email is listed on my profile page.