A Tribute to Axel Rosa (WIBRapRadio)

The local hip-hop scene has suffered a great loss. Axel Rosa was more than just a music producer. He took a real interest in the young up-and-comers and did his best to nurture and develop the talent that he saw. He was at every hip-hop show in town, whether or not any of his artists were on the bill. He threw charity events, produced music videos, and always seemed to be grinding.

He was working on several projects at the time of his passing. I do hope they see the light of day. His passion for the music was unmatched. I never had the chance to work with him on a track, but I’ve rocked countless stages with him and his crew, Labeled Minority. 

Axel has been on Word is Bond Rap Radio a handful of times too. In tribute to him, let’s look back at all those times in this episode. These clips have been edited for time, if you want to hear the full episodes, they can be found here . . .

Episode #224 – August 2016

Episode #229 – September 2016

Episode #277 – September 2017

Episode #376 – July 2019

Without further ado, here is episode 449

Chase March – Word is Bond Theme
Labeled Minority, Sankdafied, Chase March – Freestyle
Labeled Minority – Get Up and Go
Labeled Minority and Chase March – Freestyle
Strange Breed – This World
Labeled Minority – Working Hard
Ras Beats ft JBiz & A.G. – God Bless Remix
Labeled Minority – Feeling Me Now

Rest in Peace, Axel Rosa. You will be missed!

This episode will air – Thursday December 31, 2020

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My heart goes out to all those hurting right now over this terrible loss.

We won’t forget you Axel!

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