Chase March

Month: July 2019

Expose Yourself to superGARAGE

Expose Yourself was a television show that ran on Rogers Community Cable 14 in the 1990s. It was a great show to be a part of. We shined a spotlight on the local music talent by interviewing bands and solo artists and letting them perform their material on television. I had a blast producing the […]

Jay Are (John Robinson & J Rawls) Drop Knowledge on WIB Rap Radio

John Robinson and J. Rawls are Jay Are and they believe in “Youth Culture Power” Chase March chops it up with them about their educational philosophy and talks about their new book and album. A lot of knowledge gets dropped this episode. We start out with half an hour of their music, move on to […]

Writers, Set Your Pages on Fire!

Set the Page of Fire: Secrets of Successful Writers by Steve O’Keefe “Everyone who can read is qualified to write and capable of crafting something in print that is powerful and important.” I took lots of notes while reading this book. The above quote is one of my favourites. So, if you’ve never written anything […]

Word is Bond #372 – The MIX(ed)TAPE 2

Two years ago, DJ Hullewud and DJ Chase March teamed up to create an original project to harken back to the essence of hip-hop. A time when you could hear your favourite deejays throwing down mixes on cassette. The MIX(ed)TAPE 2 was released in October and, at the time of its release, featured new and […]

Chasing Content – July 2018

It’s time to go exploring! Let’s dig through the archives and blow the dust off some posts you might have missed. Read all of the posts from last July or just these highlights. Maybe Too Much Last week, I had a listener text in to the station who had been listening for 24 hours straight. She […]

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