December 2009

In Fifteen Years

December 18, 2009

Boy meets girl and they share an intense connection. Something happens and they get separated. Boy moves on with his life but thinks of her often. Girl moves on too and is sad that things didn’t work out. Both boy and girl feel the intense [Keep Reading]

Christmas Concert – Relatively Painless

December 16, 2009

School Christmas concerts can be an agonizing affair. I know from experience. Fortunately, so does our principal. She is new to the school but she had some great ideas about how to make tonight’s performances go smoothly. The first change was [Keep Reading]

Give Me The Tools to Do My Job

December 14, 2009

Until you have done it, you will never know how difficult a job it is to get in front of two-dozen kids each and every day and try to teach them. There are so many obstacles that need to be overcome on a daily basis. Some students make no qualms [Keep Reading]

Recommended Reads – Grease Monkey

December 11, 2009

I just love the public library. I can’t tell you how many books I have discovered there, quite by accident, that have made it onto my all-time favourites list. This book is just the latest addition. I’m only half way through it but it [Keep Reading]

Mixed With Love – Happy Birthday

December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby, I made this 3-sided mixtape just for you.* I mixed it with love. I hope you enjoy it. I also left another birthday surprise for you on my other blog. So start downloading these files and then head on over to Thoughtful [Keep Reading]

Teaching Tip Tuesdays – USB Drives

December 8, 2009

Here’s a great tip for helping your students in the computer lab. Go to the surplus store and pick up some cheap USB thumb drives. The above drives only cost me $4.00 a piece. You can’t really beat that. Label the thumb drives and keep [Keep Reading]

Scenes From A Classroom: Episode 1

December 7, 2009

Mr. March tries to use skateboarding to help his class understand some of the concepts they have been studying in science and math. But today is no ordinary day. Find out what happens in … Scenes From a Classroom Episode 1 While this story is [Keep Reading]

Parents – Let’s Talk

December 4, 2009

Today something amazing happened. I had a parent come to my classroom and ask how her daughter was doing in class. We talked quite frankly about the challenges she has faced, the success that she has had this year, and the things that she can [Keep Reading]
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