Mr. March’s Class Today (a picture story)

“Good Morning Class!”

“You don’t quite look like yourself today, teach!”

“I know but neither do you. So please take off your hat and let’s begin the lesson for today.”

“Why do I always have to take off my hat?”

“Why do you always have to argue about it? We’ve gone over how it is a sign of respect, many, many times this year.

Okay class, now that we’ve already wasted the first few minutes, it’s time to start the lesson.

I think you’ll be surprised how much skateboarding is actually tied into the math and science we have been studying so far this year.”

“Mr. March, can you do lots of tricks? How long have you been skateboarding? Can I ride it?”

“Let’s please stay on topic. We are dealing with math and science today.

So, why do you think I brought my skateboard in?

How does it tie in with what we have been learning?

Robbie! Stop daydreaming!”


“Come on, Robbie. I can tell when you are in your own little world and not paying any attention.

So let’s get back on topic. What forces are used to make a skateboard work?”

“I can do ollies and kickflips but one time I tried to do a railslide and I racked up good and had to get stitches.”

“Alright, that’s enough. You obviously can’t handle a special lesson so let’s take out our textbooks.”

“No, we can do this Mr. March. Just give us another chance. It’s all because of the stupid boys anyway.”

Just like skateboarding, it takes some effort to get a lesson started. But eventually we finally did get on track but only just before the recess bell sounded.

“Alright boys and girls. Go outside for recess. I know we can all use a break. And no you can’t borrow my skateboard.

Good Point Robbie, today would be a good day to go skateboarding. We could just put ourselves back together again. Never thought about that.

Lego is the best!

Let’s go!”

*Build your own lego characters here –

4 responses to “Mr. March’s Class Today (a picture story)”

  1. Hi Book Chook,

    Thanks a lot for linking me up with that website. I had so much fun creating this today.

    Your comment inspired me and I made it into a movie just now as well. It's a really rough cut though. I'm going to take it to school tomorrow and hopefully a few of my students will volunteer to be voice actors.

    Look for the completed movie version here soon.

    Thanks a lot for the inspiration!