Happy Valentine’s Day, My Love!

Front Cover

This is the second Valentine’s Day that I have had with my beautiful, amazing, and thoughtful girlfriend. I mixed this collection of songs with love just for her.

Diana, you make my life so much better. Thank you for your friendship and your love.

I hope you enjoy this mix!

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Know Your History 39 – Women in Hip-Hop (Radio Special)

WIHH 2013This episode of Know Your History, your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge focuses on some notable Women in Hip-Hop.

We look at the history of the women in hip-hop and feature tracks from Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Missy Elliott, Eve, Rah Digga, Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, and Angel Haze.

This was part of Women in Hip-Hop 3, our annual special celebrating International Women’s Day.

Our 6th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Spectacular is happening in just a few weeks. It will air on DOPEfm March 6th and on Word is Bond Rap Radio on March 8th.

Don’t miss it!

The Amazing Spider-Man is Back!

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 - The Parker Luck

The Amazing Spider-Man: Vol 1. The Parker Luck

Doc Ock had control of Peter Parker’s life for nearly two years, but Parker is back now and has a new lease on life. He isn;t taken anything for granted. A lot of things have changed in his absence. He now has a doctorate, his own company, and a girl-friend he doesn’t know about. But perhaps, just perhaps, he is the luckiest guy on the planet.


The Amazing Spider-Man: Vol 2-3. Spider-Verse

I already wrote about this mega-event here. 

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 - Graveyard Shift

The Amazing Spider-Man: Vol 4. Graveyard Shift

A villain has invaded Parker Industries and he is intent on not only destroying the building but also the company. But with all the Spider-Man tech in the building, he is sure to have a fight on his hands.

Amazing Spider-Man - Spiral

The Amazing Spider-Man: Vol. 5 Spiral

This graphic novel collects the special side story that ran in Amazing Spider-Man 16.1 – 20.1. It is a sequel to the Shadowland arc that started in Daredevil and had huge repercussions in the Marvel Universe.

Everyone is trying to establish a strong-hold in the world of crime due to Kingpin’s absence. Black Cat is really angry at Spider-Man for how he treated her when Doc Ock was in control of his body. Peter is still trying to see the good in her and in his super-hero friend, Wraith. But maybe his vision is a little blinded here.

My List of 2016 Reads – my detailed annual reading log

Doctor Who Mixtape 2

Doctor Who Mixtape 2 Front Cover

Doctor Who – Mixtape 2 by Chase March

This mixtape is a love letter to one of the best shows on television.

It is the second tape in the series. You can find the first edition here.

Doctor Who Mixtape 2 Back Cover

All of the songs fit the theme of the show perfectly, are blended and mixed together so you have 80 minutes of non-stop music and action, and audio clips from show.

You can download the album version that will allow you to skip tracks. You can also burn it to a CD (just remember to select “No Gap” between songs when burning your disc)

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Know Your History – The Huge Influence of Rakim

WIB RakimRakim is one of hip-hop’s finest talents. He revolutionized the game with his unique wordplay and multi-syllabic style.

His influence expands well beyond hip-hop as well.

You can hear his voice sampled on dozens and dozens of hip-hop classics. He inspired musicians in pop music and beyond.

I wish I had the time to transcribe this episode like I used to do on the regular. Once again, I am sorry. You’ll just have to press play to hear all the knowledge dropped in this episode.

Press play to be educated and entertained. That’s the goal of this series. And this episode hits hard!

Download KYH Episode 33 – The Huge Influence of Rakim for free or stream it with the player below.

Spider-Verse – The Ultimate Spider-Man Battle



The Inheritors are an evil family that prey on the essence of Spider-totems. It turns out that there are hundred of Spider-powered super-heroes in different dimensions and realities.

Everyone knows the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker. We also know Miles Morales who took up the mantle when he died. And of course, The Superior Spider-Man who is really Doc Ock trapped inside Peter’s body.

Fortunately for everyone involved, The Superior Spider-Man was drawn into this conflict. They really needed his perspective and leadership to have a fair chance against such a dire threat.

All of the Spider-Men, Spider-Women, and spider-powered animals come together to fight this ultimate battle.

Apparently, the story covers every Spider-Man character that has ever appeared in any media. It was hilarious to see the 1960s animated version of the character make an appearance and really cool to see dozens of the heroes fighting side by side,.

This hardcover edition collects Amazing Spider-Man 7-15, Superior Spider-Man 32-33, Spider-Verse 1-2, Spider-Verse Team-Up 1-3, Scarlet Spiders 1-3, Spider-Woman 1-4, and Spider-Man 2099 6-8.

That is not the complete story, however.

Edge of Spider-Verse

Edge of Spider-Verse

This trade paperback collects five issues of the limited run series. Each story focuses on one of the alternate reality Spider-totems. The highlight of this collection is the one-off Spider-Gwen story.



Spider-Gwen turned out to be a fan favourite in the Spider-Verse. The public pretty much demanded this series.

In the original story, Peter Parker is surprised to see that Gwen Stacy is still alive in an alternate universe. She died tragically in the original comic years and years ago. As such Peter is very reluctant to put her in danger again.

In her universe, Peter Parker tried to follow her lead and be a hero even though he was never endowed with super-powers. He ended up dying tragically and it has haunted her since she began her quest as a super-hero.

Gwen is a regular teenager in this story and is a drummer for an all girl band. But she is targeted by a few different bad guys and her family gets caught in between.

It was a great read and one that I wish would have continued. Unfortunately, her solo title only spanned five issues.

it was interesting seeing all the different Spider-powered super-heroes. Some were male, some were female, a few were animals, and one was a cartoon.

This was a pretty good event. You can get the main story from the run in Amazing Spider-Man but the companion books really help draw it out and tie up some loose ends.

My List of 2016 Reads – updated all year long with each new title I read

Need the Perfect Gift? My Valentine’s Day Mixtape Service is the Answer!

Valentine's Day Mixtape ServiceDo you need the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone?

Have you been racking your brains trying to find a gift that is meaningful and personal?

Here is the perfect solution.

Give your Valentine a professional mixtape.

I can craft the perfect mix to celebrate your love. All you need to do is give me a few songs that you know your loved one enjoys, a few songs that have meaning to you both, and I will do the rest.

You can fit about 20 songs on a mix CD. If you don’t have 20 songs you’d like to include, give me an idea of the type of music or artists that you want included.

Here is an example of what I did for my girlfriend last year.

Valentine's Day Mix for My Love

Here is another one I did for a past girlfriend for a third anniversary present

Stacy 3

You will get an album version of the mix, with tracks that you can skip and that can be easily burned to CD or uploaded to your phone, MP3 player, or computer.

You can have a professional mix for your loved one this Valentine’s Day or for any special anniversary.

I am offering this service for $70 right now. That’s an amazing price for a gift that is forever. A great mix never gets old and becomes a time capsule of sorts.

Book Your Mixtape Now!

You will get a non-stop mix, full colour CD art, and a digital copy of the project. If you order by Friday, I guarantee that it will be delivered to you via email the day before Valentine’s Day.

Contact Me and let me do all the work!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Chasing Content – The Best of Last February

Chasing ContentIt’s time for another edition of Chasing Content, that monthly feature that has us looking back to see what was happening last year at this time on Silent Cacophony.

Read all of the posts from last February, 

or just these favs!

Rap Radio Shines Worldwide

Great hip-hop radio happens every week in places such as Hamilton, Guelph, and Toronto. The shows span from London, Ontario all the way to London, England, and even dip down to Winterpark, Florida. Click through and find out how you can listen to them no matter where you are.

Let’s Influence and Empower Our Students

I finally got around to reading a book by education expert Barbara Coloroso. I like her ideas and uses some of them in my teaching practice. Click through to read what I took away from her work.

How We Can Edit Our Lives

This was another interesting read. Here is a quote from Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life.

“We live in a world where bad stories are told, stories that teach us life doesn’t matter and that humanity has no great purpose. It’s a calling, then, to speak a better story.”

I know that I am determined to live a better story in 2016.

How about you?

Teach Like a Pirate – The 2nd Day of School

I love the ideas that Dave Burgess presents in his book, Teach Like a Pirate. His ideas are far from the traditional, and that is why they work, why they connect with students, and why he is such a successful teacher. I highly recommend trying his techniques in your classroom.

Thank you for Chasing Content with me!

Let’s see what this month has in store. Come back often or subscribe to the feed so you never miss a post.

Birthday Beat Down TONIGHT!

Danny Gable B-day Bash

Tonight, we will be celebrating Danny Gable‘s birthday in true hip-hop style. He does a lot for the local music scene and promotes shows that enrich the culture. Let’s wish him all the best by attending this amazing event.

Not only do we have a lot of great rap performances lined up, we also have a scratch battle between two amazing deejays; DJ Arctic and DJ Wiskaz. I will be judging the contest.

I will also be scratching and mixing some great hip-hop tunes all night long.

Arctic, Wiskaz, and I will take turns spinning the music for all of the rappers on the bill. There is a lot of great talent lined up including Ngajuana, Jux Cain, Nick Easton, Mad Hattr, Tempomental, Kiv, Traffimatics, Last Sesh, Nickii Chatts, Audible Prophets, Androo Josef, FAxZ, and more.

We may even have a few other DJs in the house.

It all goes down at Gordy’s Brewhouse on 1631 Oxford Street East in London, ON.

Visit the Facebook Event page for more information. 

This is a show you won’t want to miss!

Know Your History – Swearing in Hip-Hop

Swearing in Hip-HopWelcome to Know Your History, your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge.

Be forewarned that there is a lot of cursing in today’s episode as we explore swearing in hip-hop. We’ll listen to a sound clip from a movie, a few interview clips, and of course, great music.

I used to have the time to transcribe every episode and it has been killing me that I no longer have the time to to do so.

I hope you have been following the podcast over at The Word is Bond so that you haven’t missed an episode. I have a lot of ground to make up here on Silent Cacophony and will be dropping an episode of the show once a week until we are all caught up.

Download this episode for free or stream it with the player below!

And please share online using the hashtag #WIBRapRadio.


The Superior Spider-Man Is . . .

The first four volumes of Superior Spider-Man were very well done and I thoroughly enjoyed them. These last two issues bring the story to its natural conclusion.

Superior Spider-Man Vol 5

Superior Spider-Man: Volume 5: Superior Venom

Flash Thompson has been able to use drugs and his will to keep Venom under his control, or so he thought. When the alien symbiotic leaves him to rejoin Spider-Man, Otto Octavius believes that he can control him as well. He relishes the new power, but perhaps he is not greater than Peter Parker and will fail to control the alien as well.

Superior Spider-Man Vol 6

Superior Spider-Man: Volume 6: Goblin Nation

Doc Ock has been living as Spider-Man for years now. He has done his best to rid the city of the criminal organizations that have terrorized it for years. He didn’t realize, however, that the Goblins had grown to form an entire nation right under his nose.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker has fought to regain consciousness and take control of his body, and life, once more. This is the final battle between them. We will find out who the Superior Spider-Man is after-all.

My 2016 Reads – my annual reading log

My Current DJ Set-Up

Here is my current DJ set-up.

Chase March home DJ set-up

I have it housed on a farily ugly table. Covering it with a blanket allows me store things underneath it out of sight.

Chase March APC battery back up power supply

This is power supply. It is much better than a simple power-bar. It has a battery built into it and if the power shuts off, the battery takes over and keeps my system from crashing. This has saved me a few times at bars that didn’t have the best electrical systems in place.

Chase March DJ laptop

I have a laptop that is my dedicated DJ computer. I don’t use it for any other purpose.

Chase March wireless mouse

I hate using the mouse pad on laptops. So I asked for this wireless mouse for Christmas. Thanks, mom! It can sit right in front of the mixer and makes controlling my computer a lot easier.

Chase March external soundcard

This is a Soundblaster SBX. It is an external soundcard that lets me record my mixsets with ease. I plug in the record feed from my mixer into the line in. I can then record on programs like Audacity or Adobe Audition.

Chase March headphones

Headphones are a must!

Chase March Numark HDX blue

I love the Numark HDX turntables. They are digital and have internal hard-drives, but they are vinyl controlled.

Chase March Numark HDX red

I love having the full-sized, actual vinyl records to scratch. I replaced the clear vinyl that came with the units with some coloured vinyl from my collection.

Chase March SL 1

I have the first generation Rane SL1 Control Box. I have to use the old Scratch Live version of the Serato software. I hope to upgrade soon to a mixer that has Serato built right in so I can use Serato DJ some day.

Chase March Xone 22 Mixer

I have an Allen and Heath Xone: 22 mixer. I really love it. It’s not top of the line but it is a great mixer for a scratch DJ.

Chase March control vinyl

This is my most recent accquisition. I bought control vinyl so I can rock on the turntables at the radio station now.

Plus, if I do a DJ gig and they already have turntables, I can leave my at home and rock with these.

I have Road Ready cases though, so my gear is portable. It just takes a couple of trips.

Let me rock your party!

I am available to DJ all events and have great rates.

Please contact me and let’s work together!

How to Properly Reboot a Franchise

Star Wars I

Star Wars tried to rebuild their franchise with the prequel trilogy but those films were flawed and didn’t gain a lot of traction with fans.

Fans have loved the books, animated television shows, and comics for years now. It was finally the right time to restart the film franchise.

Star Wars VII - The Force ReTread

But they went about it the wrong way again. This time it might even be more unforgivable than the prequel flops. All they did was retell the same story that had already been told twice before in the original films.

I wrote extensively about this already, but I wanted to touch on this subject again to show that it is possible to reboot a franchise and breathe new live into the property while pleasing die-hard fans and attracting new ones.


The latest two movies in the Planet of The Apes franchise were brilliant. I loved every moment of them. They effectively paid tribute to the original films without having to retread old familiar stories. They effectively told a prequel story the way George Lucas wanted to with Episode I.

How did they do this?

They took note of the past. There were all sorts of Easter eggs in the Apes movies that would have gone unnoticed to brand new fans, but that us, die-hard fans, appreciated greatly. They didn’t feel the need to use an old and tried plot to attract new fans to their fictional world.

They learned from the mistakes of their past.


They tried the story-retell thing before and it didn’t work for precisely the same reasons the new Star Wars film doesn’t. The whole thing just felt stale.

Pay Tribute While Being Novel

It’s a hard balance to achieve but it has been done. You can breathe fresh air into a dead franchise without having to overhaul the whole thing.

Battlestar Galactica

I loved the way Battlestar Galatica didn’t just retell the same old story. They updated it by having robots that looked human. It added a new terrifying sense of drama to the series. They didn’t throw out what made Battlestar, Battlestar. They kept all of the elements you wanted to see and expected to see.


Star Trek is doing it wrong, So is Star Wars.

Seeing that this year marks the 50th Anniversary of Trek, I was so excited for big things with this franchise, but the new trailer shows just how far the film-makers have strayed from the essence of Trek.

Star Trek was always at its best in deep space. That is the entire premise. so having two Star Trek films in a row not set on the ship is a huge disappointment.

Let’s not Dumb-Down the Scripts 

The audience is always smarter than you. That’s one of the cardinal writing rules, but when it comes to blockbuster films, it seems that this rule has been forgotten.

I want to see well-told stories and no more retreads or rehashes. Is that too much to ask for?

Jam Master Jay and National DJ Day – The 1, 2 Punch

Today is the day that Jam Master Jay was gifted to the world.

Unfortunately, he is no longer with us, but we celebrate in his absence. For all that he did for hip-hop, for how he has inspired countless DJs, and for how he could rock a party.

Here is a video showing his skills on the turntables, right alongside another legend, Grand Master Flash.

And yesterday was National DJ Day.

National DJ Day

It’s fitting that these two days follow each other. It’s the 1,2 Punch!

Here is some more of Jam Master Jay kicking off a concert the way a DJ should!

I was fortunate enough to see Run-DMC live once and it was amazing. This was before I had any way to recording the performance though. Wish I could relive it again.

Rest in Peace, JMJ!

Miles Morales is Back as Spider-Man

The first series featuring Miles Morales as Spider-Man was brilliant. I did not want to see come to an end. Thankfully, we got a second series featuring the new web-crawler.

Miles Morales Spider-Man Vol 1

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man – Volume 1: Revivial

It turns out that the Green Goblin isn’t dead . . . and neither is Peter Parker. Things get very confusing for Miles Morales in the second volume of his very own series.

Fortunately, Parker doesn’t intend to go back to his old super-hero life just yet. He leaves the mantle to Morales. Miles’ father even reappears and has quite the explanation as to his absence.

Miles Morales Spider-Man Vol 2

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man – Volume 2: Revalations

Miles decides to tell his girlfriend that he is Spider-Man. Little does he know that she has been brought up in a Hydra household, a terrorist organization meant to bring down S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Ultimates.



Peter Parker and Miles Morales team up in a story that takes place before this arc. They are both impressed with each other and make a great team. This was a very enjoyable read. Too bad that it was a one-off story. The good news though, they will fight side-by-side again in the Spider-Verse story. Stay tuned!

My List of 2016 Reads – my annual reading log

8 Online Tools for Students and Educators

8 Tools for Students and EducatorsHere are seven popular online tools that teachers may use in the classroom to help the students, or that students may use on their own. All of these are easy to use if you are as tech savvy as the current generation.

Some of these tools are free but all of the features may not be. Every teacher or student should find something useful in this list. If you have a great tool you’d like to share, please do so in the comments.

1. Collaboration

This is similar to an online learning environment mixed with a social media platform. As a teacher, you may start projects and grade students a little more easily. As a student, you may collaborate with your classmates when completing projects and take part in online discussions the same way you may if you were using a regular social media platform. Teachers can assign homework with the Edmodo and parents are able to use it to keep track of how well their kids are doing.

This is a user-friendly platform where people may collaborate to make their own presentations online. One person may take charge, and/or other people may join in and add to the presentation. People can take up different roles, or add things on an ad-hoc basis, and then another person may put it all together once it is done. There are plenty of presentation options for students and collaborators to use, and it has a simple interface so that it doesn’t require a lot of training to use.

2. Helpful resources

This is a tool that allows students to watch math lessons. It has math lessons going all the way from elementary school through to college. It gives students another voice to learn from. The way he describes the principles may hit home a little more easily with some students than the way their teacher explains things in class. Many of the lessons are free. You can make this tool part of your in-class and out-of-class learning process.

  • Assignmentmasters

Students who are struggling or are about to miss their deadlines may appreciate a little professional help. This tool helps students get their work done to a higher quality, and it helps out students that may have been ill or had family trouble and are unable to complete their work before the deadline. It also gives students a little breathing room so they may study and revise whilst a professional writer takes over the job of writing essays. They are able to write customized essays and help students proofread their work too.

This is similar to an online calculator mixed with an encyclopedia. It is a learning tool that offers step-by-step solutions. It is less about research, and more about learning principles and concepts. It is especially good for students learning math because of its step-by-step teaching process. Students that prefer visuals over having things explained may better appreciate this tool.

3. Research

It is not as good as the online library that many colleges offer, but it does have a selection of essays and journals that a student can use to dig up information. The trick is to find ones that do not charge. In addition, there are sometimes government and law releases that are listed on there, which makes it a good place to find raw but relevant data for your projects. Sometimes it is just a good place to look up what types of resources other people are using on their essays and in their journals.

This is a search engine that brings up a series of images, articles and videos based on the question that the student puts in. If you would like to limit the sort of information that a student researches, then this may be a good place to start. It is also good for students that are finding it difficult finding relevant information on Google and other search engines. It is more of an interactive research experience.

This is a tool that many people use to learn new things. It is a very in-depth research tool when compared to others. You can learn entire courses with this tool. If you were behind the other students, you could use this tool to help you catch up on the modules you are behind with. A student may skip through things to find snippets of information, or take on chunks of whole subjects to more fully understand and appreciate them before continuing.

Teaching Tip Tuesday – advice, lessons, tips and tricks for classroom teachers  (once a month)

Author Bio: Linda Craig is a professional editor with experience in tutoring and has contributed articles on Lifehack, eLearn Magazine and various other publications. She has a passion for inspiring young people to be creative and reach new heights.

My List of 2016 Reads

My 2016 ReadsI like to keep a detailed reading log. It’s always nice to look back at what I have read over the course of the year.

If this year, follows the pattern I have established in the past four, I will read close to 60 titles this year that will include graphic novels, teaching-related books, books on writing, books about hip-hop culture, various non-fiction works, and, of course, novels.

This is how I did since starting this tradition four years ago.

In 2012, I read 65 books.
In 2013, I read 61 books.
In 2014, I read 78 books.
And last year, I read 60 books.

This post will be continually updated throughout the year with each new title I read. So, bookmark this page and come back often to get some titles you can add to your own reading list.

Happy Reading!


coming soon


The Amazing Spider-Man – 6 titles (The Parker LuckSpider-Verse, Edge of Spider-Verse, Spider-Gwen, Graveyard Shift, Spiral)
Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man – 3 titles (Revival, Revelations, Spider-Men)
The New Avengers – 1 title (Fear Itself)
Superior Spider-Man – 2 titles (Superior Venom, Goblin Nation)


coming soon (probably)


coming soon


Classic Material: The Hip-Hop Album Guide


I wonder what titles will end up under this heading.

Total Books Read in 2016: 13

Classic Material: The Hip-Hop Album Guide

Classic Material - Hip-Hop Album Guide

Classic Material: The Hip-Hop Album Guide edited by Oliver Wang

This book contains intelligent writing on over 60 classic hip-hop albums from 20 different music journalists and experts. It spans 20 years of hip-hop history and does so in a very respectful way.

Main Source “Breaking Atoms”

It was cool to find out that “Snake Eyes” on this album featured five different samples running throughout the track including “an Ike Turner piano vamp, a Johnnie Taylor bassline, and  Jesse Anderson flute melody.”

The book covers sampling at the legal troubles that some hip-hop musicians got into because of it. It’s sad to say, but an album like this would be very hard to do in a day and age where samples need to be bought and cleared.

Layering Samples

Pete Rock’s “particular gift has been in his layering, his ability to juggle any number of different elements – a bassline twiddle here, a keyboard tinkle there, not to mention horns. Pete Rock’s signature sound of this era was his horns.”

It was so great to hear samples layered on top of each other in uniquely creative ways. Hopefully this isn’t just a remnant of old records and something we will be able to get back into in the near future.

An Obscure Album that Revolutionized Music

I enjoyed the piece on Freestyle Fellowship’s “To Whom It May Concern…” especially considering that Myka 9 is still making music fifteen years later. He was even featured in my Top 15 of 2015 albums.

Best Hype-Man Ever?

Could it be Keith “Cowboy” Wiggins of Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five fame? Jeff Chang thinks so.

I might argue that Branded Moore, a local emcee, Flava Flav, and Freaky Tah could be added to this list.

Ice Cube’s Death Certificate

Allen Gordon says this album “was a conceptual work that attempted to kill the ‘nigga’ mentality his early work reflected in order to give birth to a new culturally and community-minded ‘Black man.'”

What a great perspective on one of my all-time favouirte albums.

You Played Yourself

Ice T made himself “an elder statesmen, many miles in front of the guns-blazing stereotype he ushered in. Ice was light-years ahead, fearless in his beliefs.”

Here I want to draw a comparison to Jeru’s record of the same title. Both tracks are an “indictment of move-fakers trying to profit from chaos”

2pac’s Gift

“…his ability to lay his soul bare – contradictions, fears, psychosis, and all. What makes these albums classic is not the sound of his beats and rhymes, but the ferocity of his honesty and the thumping of his heart.

I couldn’t agree more. This book is chopped full of great writing about some of my favourite hip-hop albums and about a few albums I might just have to dust off and play again.

My List of 2016 Reads – my constantly updated reading log

The Death of Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 2 - New World

Ultimate Spider-Man: Volume 1 – The World According to Peter Parker

The Daily Bugle has gone completely digital, Peter Parker is working at a fast food joint, and Gwen Stacy is living with him and his aunt. To make matters even more complicated, Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch and Bobby Drake aka Ice Man have moved in as well. Aunt May loves having all these teenagers in the house. They pose as her nephews and have to refrain from using their powers (house rules). And Mysterio is back trying to take over the Kingpin’s criminal empire.

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 2 - Chamelion

Ultimate Spider-Man: Volume 2 – Chameleons

One of Peter Parker’s neighbours develops mutant powers of teleportation. But it turns out that his was chosen to have these powers for a very specific purpose. Meanwhile, the Chamelion twins are up to no good. They have captured J. Jonah Jameson and have been impersonating him for a while now.

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 3- Death Prelude

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 3 – Death of Spider-Man Prelude

Kitty Pride gets teased in the cafeteria and uses her mutant powers to just let the thrown food phase through her. Mary Jane gets the incident on video and wants to use it to show how unfair people are being towards mutants. Meanwhile, Spider-Man gets captured by the Chameleon twins. This is bad news for the entire city.

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 4 - Death

Ultimate Spider-Man: Vol. 4 – Death of Spider-Man

S.H.I.E.L.D. decides that Peter Parker needs training to continue fighting crime. Iron-Man tries to give him a few lessons, as does Captain America. But when The Ultimates are called to avert a huge disaster, The Green Goblin capitalizes on that very moment to bring about an end to his foe.

It was very sad to see Peter Parker die in front of his family and friends. He gave everything he had to protect them. And it was a fitting end for the series.

I know that I read these Spider-Man comics out of order. I should have read this before the Miles Morales story line. But it was good either way.

My List of 2016 Reads – with links to every title I read this year.

Light Duty – Heavy Reading

I spent the last six weeks working in an office, bored out of my mind. There was nothing for me to do. Seriously. Nothing. I sat at a desk, answered phones, did some filing of paperwork, shredded some documents, and just sat there.

I had been assigned light-duties since I hurt my back at the warehouse. It seemed like this was the best work they could offer me.

I knew it would be boring so I brought a book with me each day and read like crazy. You may have noticed that I have had a lot more book posts last month. That’s why.


I also read a lot of comics with this handy app, Marvel Unlimited. In a feat of perfect timing, they offered a free month subscription to help promote the new Star Wars movie.

So, look for some great book reviews coming up shortly here on this blog.

I had absolutely no reason to complain. I got to read hundreds of dollars of comics, some great novels, and some cool non-fiction while getting paid to do so. Light duty lead to some heaving reading.

But it did get a little boring.

Chase March Novel Edit

My girlfriend suggested that I use some of this time to work on polishing up my novels. I had been meaning to get to that for years. It seemed perfect.

So I read through one of my novels and took plenty of notes about what happened in each chapter. I cleaned up any awkward sections and corrected a few typos. Now I have a great plan to work through when I work through the next draft of the story.

This one is called “Outside the Block,” and I absolutely love it.

I have some work to do before it will be ready to be released to the world. But I plan to have something published really soon. It’s one of my goals this year. And I will work hard on it.

Chase March 2nd Novel Edit

This was the second novel I ever wrote and it’s about eight years old. I still haven’t finished mapping it out, but I have noticed that this one is going to need a lot more work. Some of the writing is awkward and needs cleaning up. I will also have to rewrite entire sections. But the story is there and it will shine when I am do with it.

Friday was my last day in the office. The doctor has cleared me to return to regular duties today. I am going to miss all of the time I had to read and work on edits over the past few weeks.

I wish I could afford to take a few months to just work on my writing. I want to polish these two novels up and start a work of non-fiction. But I need a job and will need to work on this in my spare time. I will though. I am determined.

2016 – Let’s start the road to publication!