Trail Run to Albion Falls (Hamilton, ON)

Red Hill Trail Sign

Let’s explore the Red Hill Valley Trail and make our way to the gorgeous Albion Falls.

Mt Albion Entrance

This portion of the trail starts on the old road, that is now completely closed to traffic.

Under the Expressway

At this point, the trail continues underneath The Red Hill Expressway. I used to run here all the time when I was a kid. It was my favourite place to run and I was saddened when the new highway was built.

main trail 2

Fortunately though, the trail system is still really nice and the sounds of the busy city fade away as you get further back into the natural area.

OCT hiphop 018

To get to the falls, you have to take the side trail along the river. It is a treacherous path as it is full of rocks, tree routes, and narrow passages.

Trail along river

The view is incredible and it only gets better the further you make your way up the river.

Mount Albion Falls

I hadn’t been here in about 15 years and I have no idea why. It is absolutely beautiful. And it was such a nice day on Saturday, that several families were out enjoying the view.

Mt Albion Falls

I didn’t slow down. It was like I was running parkour as I ran across small rocks to cross the river, jumping up on larger rocks to get this nice close-up shot of Albion Falls.

Mt Albion Falls 2

I took a date here once and we sat at the bottom of these falls. It was awesome. It is great how accessible Mount Albion Falls actually is. It’s probably a better hike though than it is a trail run.

Regardless of that, I loved being back in Hamilton for the weekend and I loved running in Red Hill Valley again.

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Weekly Classroom Newsletter

I have decided to start a weekly classroom newsletter to keep parents informed of what is happening in our classroom.

We have a 10-day week in my school, which means that I only have to design one of these every two weeks. And it really isn’t as much work as it sounds. I’ve already planned out the entire 19 weeks of learning for the year. This detailed long-range plan is pretty much never seen by anyone other than myself. This is a way to share with parents what exactly is happening. I think it’s worth the effort.

So here it is. My first weekly newsletter.

comic7 comic 8 comic9 comic10

Here is the plan for this week. It includes the topic of study for each subject area, along with curriculum expectations that we will be focusing on.

newsletter 2 comic11 comic12

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fdrive33 – Please Support Campus Radio


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Please tune in TONIGHT starting at 12:00 midnight straight through till 2:00 a.m. Tuesday morning and call in with a pledge.

The station runs with the help of volunteers who are committed to bringing you quality radio. We provide you with music, interviews, and commentary that just can’t be found on commercial radio.

We rely on your support to continue broadcasting. The station needs money for new equipment and repairs.

Our goal for this year’s fundraiser is $8000 and here are a few ways you can help:

  1. Make a pledge to CHRW by calling (519) 661-3600 during my show tonight
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Thank you for your support!

Superior Spider-Man Teams Up with Villains and Heroes

Superior Spider-Man Team Up - Vol 1

Superior Spider-Man Team Up: Volume 1 – Versus

No one in the Marvel Universe realizes that Doc Ock has taken over Peter Parker’s life. Not even when he battles them all. There are some pretty good fights here and an interesting way to kick off the new on-going team-up series.

It looks like, perhaps, Doc Ock is back to his evil ways. But ever since he rededicated himself to be an even better Spider-Man than Parker ever was, he has been fighting crime in his own way. And of course, this time it is no different.

Superior Spider-Man Team Up - Vol 2

Superior Spider-Man Team Up: Volume 2 – Superior Six

The Superior Spider-Man is on probation with The Avengers because of his peculiar actions as of late. He decides that he needs his own team and uses technology to control the Sinister Six. He uses them like puppets to form his new hero team, The Superior Six. But not everything goes according to plan.

Also, in this collection is a team-up with my favourite super-hero, Daredevil. he knows that something is off with Peter Parker as well. He doesn’t bring it full circle to discover the true secret, however.

A Great Companion Title

So far, this title has been a great addition to the on-going Superior Spider-Man title. It’s an amazing series and I highly recommend it.

In fact, I would love to see the new movie franchise go down this route in the next few movies. I couldn’t help but thinking that as I watched The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It feels like it would be a natural progression.

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Barracks Skatepark (London, Ontario)

Barracks Skatepark 2

Wolseley Skatepark in London, Ontario is skateboard wonderland.

Barracks Skatepark 1

The park is huge and has a great flow to it. Several skaters, BMXers, and scooter kids can ride here and not get in each other’s way often.

Barracks Skatepark 3

There are a bunch of stairs and rails throughout the course.

Barracks wide shot

The only thing missing here is a mini-ramp half pipe.


But it does have this really cool kidney-shaped bowl. It’s about eight feet deep and scary to drop in.

I slid in, then threw my board under my feet, and had a great time skating around in it.

quarter pipe

This is a nice quarter pipe. I just wish it wasn’t elevated so much with a fairly big drop-off at the back.

street course 2

This is part of the street course which stands off to the side of the ramps and obstacles.

street course

There are launch ramps, a box, and a few rails. Plus there is a lot of room to do ollies, kickflips, manuals, and other flatland tricks.

stairs and ramp

This is a launch ramp to enter the coolest obstacle of all at this park.

waves and spine

There is a three bump wave here that feels amazing to go zooming over. Right beside it is a spine, wave, spine combination.

I had so much fun skating here and I bet you will too.

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Ender’s Game Concludes with Children of the Mind

Children of the Mind

Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card

It’s taken me a while but I have finally read the original Ender’s Game series.

The first novel is a science fiction classic that I stumbled upon seven years ago. I was completely blown away by the tale and it became one of my all-time favourite books.

The second book in the series, Speaker for the Dead, did the impossible. It topped the original. Sequels rarely do that, but the second book stands as my favourite of the series.

The third book was enjoyable but couldn’t quite compare to the two back-to-back knock-out punches. Fortunately though, Orson Scott Card brings it all home in the fourth and final chapter of the series.

But like all good characters and stories, this one lives on. Card is apparently working on a new trilogy focusing on the alien species, The Formics.

That would bring the grand total up to 19 novels. I have only read 7 of them so I still have some work to do to exhaust the complete Enderverse Saga.

I highly recommend the audio books of this series. They are produced with full-cast narration and sound effects. They sound amazing and are, quite frankly, the best way to experience the stories.

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This is an Avenger’s World. It is Protected!

Avengers Vol 1

Avengers: Volume 1 – Avengers World

Trouble is brewing and it seems like the only hope for earth is The Avengers. Captain America and Iron-Man realize that the team, as it is, won’t be enough. So they start recruiting to make the team even bigger and more powerful.

Avengers Vol 2

Avengers: Volume 2 – The Last White Event

I read this series a little out of order. I started with this title over a year ago simply because it was at the public library. You never know what you will find there. I love the randomness, but I also like the binge reading I’ve been doing lately as well.

Avengers Vol 3

Avengers: Volume 3 – Prelude to Infinity

Alien beings have launched weapons to spark a new evolution on Earth. They are part of an ancient race that have been doing this since the beginning of time. They have visited planet after planet and have never met resistance like they are about to on Earth.

Avengers Vol 4

Avengers: Volume 4 – Infinity

The Avengers get some help fighting an alien menace that is determined to reshape the Earth.

S.W.O.R.D. (Sentient World Observation and Response Department) and even the Skrulls help fight the aliens. The Avengers truly are living up to their mandate to grow and expand, even if it is with temporary allies.

Avengers Vol 5

Avengers: Volume 5 – Adapt or Die

A rogue planet is hurtling through space and is on a collision course with the Earth. And it seems like one of Iron-Man’s descendants might have to key to save the day. Time-travelling members of the team? Things truly are expanding.

That is all for my Avenger’s binge reading . . . for now! 

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What I’m Thankful For


Thanksgiving is the best time of the year to pause, reflect on your life, and take stock.

If you think about it, I am sure you have a lot to by thankful for. It might not always feel like it. Things might not be perfect, but we are all blessed in one way or another.

Here are my reasons to be thankful this year. . .

Past Memories

This holiday weekend I really miss my dad. We had a nice Thanksgiving meal together last year. I can be thankful for all the time we did spend together, even at the very end. It still hurts that he is gone. No one was as good a listener as my dad.

A Teaching Job at a New School

There are quite a lot of qualified teachers who can’t find work. I have a job at one school this year. It’s a nice school with a great staff. I am enjoying my time there so far and very thankful that I get the chance to teach every day.

My Radio Shows

I love doing campus radio and am having a great time doing my show Monday nights on 94.9 CHRW. It makes for a long day with hardly any sleep to prepare me for the next one, but it is so worth it to go into the radio station and run a show live from the control booth.

I continue to be on 93.3 CFMU Saturday nights as part of DOPEfm. And my show is occasionally simulcast on a few other Canadian stations as well. Not only that, but I regularly appear on OUR show on 91.5 WPRK in Florida.

I’m sure there are more . . .

but I’m having a hard time thinking of them right now. My relationship with an amazing woman crumbled apart a few weeks back. We tried to stay friends but it seems like she truly is gone now. We won’t be together forever like I had envisioned. I wanted that so bad too.

But . . .

I have a family dinner to attend today

I’m really looking forward to that. It will be nice to see my mom, my brother, his wife and their kids. I’m only going to have one Thanksgiving dinner this weekend though. That hasn’t been the case for a number of years now.

However you are celebrating (or not) . . . 

I hope you can take a moment to reflect on your blessings and the great things in your life. We all have something to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Access: DJ Z of DJ Booth

DJ Z has a really interesting history, from being a campus radio DJ, to working in commercial radio, to helping build DJ Booth into one of the premiere music spaces on the Internet.

We caught up with him for one of our special Access segments on 91.5 WPRK in Winterpark, Florida. And through the wonders of modern technology, DJ Z is able to join us from Chicago, and I can jump on the program from my home in London, Ontario.

Press play to be educated an entertained. Anyone who writes a blog, does a radio show, or is trying to promote music can learn from his experiences. This is real talk!

Is the new Spider-Man truly Superior?

Superior Spider-Man

The Superior Spider-Man Volume 1

In the final issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus cheats death by body-swapping with Peter Parker. It looks like all is lost but Peter manages to get inside of Doc Ock’s brain and convinces him to continue on as a super-hero instead of a villain.

In this first graphic novel of the new comic series, we see that Peter Parker is trapped inside his own brain and Otto Octavius is in complete control of his body. The cool thing is that he has dedicated himself as The Superior Spider-Man as vows to be an even better, more efficient Spider-Man that Peter Parker ever was.

Superior Spider-Man Vol 2

The Superior Spider-Man Volume 2

It’s amazing to see that Otto Octavius, the man who used to be the evil Doc Ock, is actually able to be the heroic Spider-Man. His methods are brutal and people question his motives, but ultimately he is still doing good deeds.

Peter Parker is still fighting to regain control of his body and to let people know that it really isn’t him behind the mask and living his day-to-day life in his civilian identity.

Superior Spider-Man Vol 3

The Superior Spider-Man Volume 3

J. Jonah Jameson is now the mayor of New York City and he is overseeing the execution of the super-villain who killed his wife. When things go wrong on the island prison, he orders Spider-Man to kill the villain himself.

Spider-Man records the conversation and uses it to blackmail the mayor. He gets a secret base, a private militia, and he no longer needs to live a double life. He has even vanquished the part of Peter Parker that still managed to exert some kind of control. The Superior Spider-Man is now loose to be the hero he wants to be, even if it is a more brutal and ruthless one.

Superior Spider-Man Vol 4

The Superior Spider-Man Volume 4

Spider-man 2099 comes back from the future in this edition and is surprised to find that this time’s Spider-man doesn’t remember him. But there are bigger things afoot that need to be addressed, mainly the end of the universe as we know it.

This series has been a great read so far. I can’t wait to read more. Doc Ock is supposedly The Superior Spider-Man but I think we would all like to see Peter Parker come back some day!

My 2014 Reading Log - sure to break a reading record this year!

Save Fred! Team-Building Activity

Here is a fun team-building activity for the classroom that I found on Pinterest.

It’s based around a story of a worm who can’t swim. His boat capsizes and his life jacket gets trapped under the boat. Luckily for him, however, he is safe on the top of it. And it is up to us to save him.

Set up

The only trick is that we are not allowed to touch the cup, life jacket, or Fred the Worm with our hands at all. We can, however use the paper clips to help us Save Fred!

The students follow the scientific method to complete the task and there is a nice package for this exercise that you can print out and photocopy for your students from Teachers Pay Teachers. The best part is that it is free.

And who doesn’t love playing with candy?

It’s a win-win!

paper clips only

One of my students tries to put the gummy ring on the worm and finds it quite difficult.

lifejacket on

Team-work is always the best way to get things done.

back in the boat

Mission Accomplished – Fred is back in the boat with his life jacket on.

Time to eat some gummy worms!

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Life Hacks – Great Ideas for Organizing Stuff

Here are some great Life Hacks, which is just a clever way to say to say that you can come up with brilliant uses for things outside of their original intention.

For example, why not use a cereal container as a trash can for the car?

Life Hack - Car Garbage Can

I love this idea and have been using it all summer. You can even put apple cores in there and leave them for days without it being a problem. You could never do in the car before now. Glad I found this idea of Pinterest!

Plastic Bags

I have a small box in the cupboard where I store plastic bags. It’s always great to have some in the classroom or car as well. This is a great storage idea!

Do you have any great life hacks you’d like to share?

Please leave a comment below!

Chasing Content – October 2013

Chase MarchWelcome to Club Awesome!

What better name is there for what I do online? Seriously!

I hope you are following me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Lots of great things happening on each of these platforms.

This is a “Best Of’ post from last year at this time for this particular blog.

You can read all of the posts from last October . . . 

or just these favs . . .

The Word is Bond Haunted Rap Radio Hour

A Halloween-themed edition of my hip-hop radio program. It’s like the Peanuts TV special; you know you watch it every year. This show is required listening. Happy Halloween!

Hip-Hop History is Every Month

I do a documentary radio program every month focusing on hip-hop history. It’s entertaining and educational. Give it a listen. I promise not to disappoint.

Latest Daredevil Finds

I love adding toys, books, and merchandise to my Daredevil collection. Definitely my favourite super-hero!

Swimming Through a Corn-Maze

This was crazy! A flash flood made the corn maze a lot more difficult that it probably should have been. It was cold and wet when the water was close to being knee-high. At least I was able to document it.

Classroom Management Books Worth Reading

Some good advice here for new and experienced teachers alike!

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

Make sure you come back Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for regularly scheduled posts!

Reading Salad: A Hands-On Reading Demonstration

This is an amazing reading lesson that helps our students learn to think while they are reading. It makes the entire process visual as well.

To teach this lesson, you will need three bowls. Have a large empty salad bowl and label it “Real Reading Salad,” and then two smaller bowls labelled “Thinking” and “Text.”

Fill the “Text” bowl with red cards and the “Thinking” bowl with green cards.

Reading Salad

Start out by addressing the class,

“Kids are very good at pretending. Let’s pretend together that you are the teacher and I am the student. All of you teachers are going to listen as I read. Put on your teacher faces. . . Judging from your faces, you’ve noticed that teachers are very serious about reading. Ok teachers, concentrate now and listen as I read. I’m going to ask you to evaluate me as a reader.

I got this book from a publisher who wanted me to review it on my blog. It is a long book with no pictures and has some difficult words. It is a challenging text, but I’ll do my best as I read the first paragraph for you. Read it with good expression and at an appropriate rate. Ask the “teachers” to turn and talk about my reading. “You’ll give me my report card in a few moments.”

Then explain how back when you were in grade 3 that you could read quite well. But that you sometimes faked the teacher out. Tell them that you weren’t thinking. That you were just reading like a robot. It sounded good but thinking was missing.

“You can’t always tell just from listening to someone read. Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you ever done any robot or fake reading? Turn and talk.”

“Sometimes I read the words but I don’t know what I just read. This happens to me still at night before bed if I am really tired.

I just modeled fake reading, now I want to model real reading. Real reading is like a tossed salad. Have you noticed the three bowls sitting here? We are going to use these object to help us understand more about real reading. Notice the bowls are labeled. The large bowl is labeled “real reading salad” and the small bowls are “text” and “thinking” Just like a salad might be a mixture of lettuce and tomatoes, reading salad is a mixture of text and thinking. In the text bowl, there are red cards that say “text,” they are like the tomatoes. In the thinking bowl there are green cards that say “thinking,” they are like the lettuce. With your help, we will make reading salad while enjoying a great book.

To show you real reading, I am going to do something that might look a bit funny. I will point to the text when I am reading it and point to my head when I am thinking. That way you can see the difference. At the same time, we will be making salad.

Dont laugh at me

Pick two students to help. Point to the text and read the title, “Don’t Look at Me.” – text helper drops a card in the large bowl. Point to your head, “I am thinking this book is going to be about kids who make fun of other kids. I hate when that happens.” – thinking helper drops a card in the large bowl. Keep going this way as you read the picture book.

Read the book a second time but this time, stop as ask the students what they are thinking periodically and make a new salad. This time we will probably notice more green than red cars. That is how it supposed to be. There should be more thinking than text. Now we have been doing some real reading and we have been thinking about our thinking. There’s a name for that “metacognition” – add it to the word wall

Reading Salad final

Isn’t that a great visual to teach thinking while reading?

If you loved that, you should read Comprehension Connections: Bridges to Strategic Reading by Tanny McGreggor. It is an amazing book and a must have for anyone who teaches reading.

Comprehension Connections

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Bullseye: Greatest Hits

bullseye greatest hits

Bullseye: Greatest Hits

This is a one-off story that attempts to tell the origin of one of the most dangerous villains in comics. This graphic novel collects the entire run of the five issues mini-series.

First off, the title is a bit of a misnomer. This wasn’t a greatest hits compilation. It didn’t retell any of his victories or legendary battles.

Instead, we see him being held in a top-secret and super-secure facility. A negotiating team goes in to talk to him about the whereabouts of a nuclear bomb that he had stolen just prior to being apprehended.

Bullseye acts as though he is exactly where he wants to be, and that he, in fact, has the upper hand, despite being locked down in a seemingly inescapable prison.

Of course, with Bullseye things are never quite what they seem.

This was a nice read and a good companion to my favourite superhero, Daredevil.

My List of 2014 Reads - a detailed reading log of all the titles I’ve read this year

The Hulk is Indestructible


Indestructible Hulk: Volume 1 – Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Bruce Banner has been fighting the monster within ever since the Gamma Bomb turned him into the Incredible Hulk. The meek scientist has been looking for a cure for years. He hates the damage that The Hulk causes every single time he is unleashed.

Banner realizes that The Hulk is indestructable and has come up with a plan that he can live with. He joins S.H.I.E.L.D. so he can be a weapon whenever he hulks out. They simple have to point him in the right direction so he can battle evil forces. In return, he gets a lab and a team of scientists to work on things to benefit humanity.

The new slogan: Hulk  Smashes, Banner Builds!

It seems like a perfect solution.

Indestructible Hulk 2

Indestructible Hulk: Volume 2 – Gods and Monster

This was a really fun graphic novel. The Hulk actually lifts Thor’s hammer, as if he wasn’t dangerous enough without it. There is a lot of comedy in this issue as well. I loved it!

This volume also features my favourite superhero, Daredevil.

Daredevil x Hulk

That was a pleasant surprise and made for a great read. Maybe it tied into the fact that both Daredevil and Thor were featured in the old Incredible Hulk television series. Why not have them both back in a graphic novel too?

Indestructible Hulk 3

Indestructible Hulk: Volume 3 – S.M.A.S.H Time

Time is broken and to make things worse, someone is messing with The Hulk’s past. Bruce Banner beams his consciousness into a robot probe so he can control The Hulk, the only being strong enough to travel through the time distortions and set things right.

The Hulk meets up with the knights of Camelot, dinosaurs in the Old West, and even pirates on the open sea. It’s another great adventure in this series that I am really enjoying.

Indestructible Hulk 4

Indestructible Hulk: Volume 4 – Humanity Bomb

There is a global threat that Bruce Banner thinks he can alleviate with his latest scientific creation. Before he can set his plan in motion, he hulks out and is running around town with a giant bomb.

Ant-Man and Iron-Man are worried what the monster will do and feel the need to stop him at all costs. But did Banner have the right idea all along? And could this bomb help counteract the Terrigen Mist that threatens humanity?

I have really enjoyed this series so far and look forward to reading more of this title.

My List of 2014 Reads – my reading log for the year with links to every single title I read

Hula Hoops on the First Day of School!

I like to start off the first day of school by pushing all of the desks to the side of the room and setting up enough hula hoops for each student in my class.

hula hoop first day

I have been doing this for years now and I find it is a great way to start off the day. I have traditionally had a pencil and paper activity for the students to do as soon as they come into the room. This year, I decided to throw away the interest inventory and get them creating something instead.

hoop close up

I found this activity on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea. I added the caveat that the students would be sharing their creations in a little show and tell.

Doh Be Shy

I love this play on words, “Doh Be Shy. Open it up and make something”

It’s a stress-free activity that lets the students build and rebuild until it’s time to share.

I managed to find a Mega-Pack of Play-Doh for a great price too. I have kept the mats so this can also a rainy day recess activity this year too. Well worth the investment of 32 cans of modelling clay.

DD play doh

I started off the sharing session by saying, “My name is Mr. March and I made a Daredevil because he is my favourite super-hero. His logo is two inter-locking D’s.”

Each student shared their creations and I learned something about them in the process.

Next, we talk about personal space and how every person in the school is entitled to it. “Your personal space is akin to you standing in a hoop and no one else breaking that perimeter.” It is a really nice visual that we can refer back to throughout the year.

Hoop Venn Diagrams

I then move the students into groups of three to create Venn DIagrams of things they have in common with each other and some things that are unique to each group member.

You can learn a lot as a teacher about the interests of your students from this activity as well.

I had a lot more planned for the first day of school. It is important to over-plan. You can download my full day plan here. Stay tuned to this blog every Tuesday for more great teaching ideas.

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Earth Afire – Ender’s Game Prequel


Earth Afire by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston

I had no idea that this book was part of a trilogy when I started reading it. I just thought it was a one-off prequel to Ender’s Game. I enjoyed the read but it seemed like it took a long time to get to the actual story I wanted to read.

I was already familiar with a bit of the story because I read the graphic novel Formic Wars: Burning Earth and I really enjoyed it.

As I got close to the end of this novel, however, I started to worry that the story wasn’t going to be resolved. Just when the it finally got to the point I’d wanted to read, the story ended abruptly.

I like my novels to have some sort of closure, even in a trilogy. This book didn’t do that for me.

Orson Scott Card is one of my favourite authors but I hate to admit that I really am not interested in reading the final book in this series. Instead, I want to finish reading the original Ender’s Game series. I am currently reading Children of the Mind.

I know that I am not painting this book in the greatest of light, but the original Ender’s Game and its sequel, Speaker for the Dead, are absolutely amazing, fantastic books that I highly recommend.

My 2014 Reading Log - 40 titles and counting

The New Spider-Man, Miles Morales

I’d been wanting to read this title for some time now. I finally got around to it, thanks to the Marvel Unlimited Comics App on my iPhone. They had a one month special subscription price as a special comic-con deal that I just had to take them up on.

I read all of the graphic novels in this series, the original death of Peter Parker storyline in The Amazing Spider-Man, and all of The Superior Spider-Man titles as well. That was well worth with $1.99 subscription.

I’m thinking of buying a yearly subscription as well. It really is worth it to be able to read all of theses great comics anytime on my phone.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 1

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Volume 1

Miles Morales becomes the new Spider-Man but his powers are a little bit different. He has a venom strike that shocks his enemies much like a tazer. He also has the ability to camouflage himself by blending into the background of his environment. The really surprising thing is that he doesn’t have the ability to shoot webs.

I like the fact that he has a Black father and a Hispanic mother. He also has his own identity and the story doesn’t feel like a retread of the original Spider-Man we all know and love.

Brian Michael Bendis did a great job of relaunching the iconic character for a new generation in the Ultimate Universe. It compelled me to read more immediately.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 2

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Volume 2

Peter Parker’s Aunt May, Gwen Stacy, and Mary Jane Watson share with Miles their stories and give Miles the encouragement he needs to continue as Spider-Man. They also give him Peter Parker’s web-shooters. Spider-Man is back and swinging from webs once again. Seeing Miles learn how to use them was hilarious and uplifting. I loved it!

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 3

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Volume 3

The new Spider-Man gets to join The Avengers, despite Captain America’s objections. Miles also finds out that his uncle isn’t exactly the man he thought he was. And even worse, he discovers that Miles is a super-hero and tries to use him to advance his own criminal career.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 4

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Volume 4

Enter Venom and family tragedy. This was a story that had me on the edge of my seat.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 5

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Volume 5

This image is so iconic and I’m glad they used it in the new Spider-Man series. It makes sense for Miles to pack it all in. He takes a break for close to a year, but he truly is Spider-Man now and is needed. He gets some great encouragement and finally realizes his destiny as a crime-fighting superhero.

I really enjoyed this read. It was a great series that I would have loved to seen continue. But fortunately, I have this app on my phone and can start reading the other new Spider-Man title, The Superior Spider-Man.

My List of 2014 Reads – My Reading Log for the year