WIB Rap Radio – MLNY is Singled Out

This week on Word is Bond Rap Radio, we have an in-depth and exclusive interview with MLNY.

He talks to us about his new mixtape, Singled Out, his upcoming album, and all the work he been putting in.

And of course, we play some great new music and hip-hop classics.

So press play to enjoy the stream or download the podcast for free and take it with you.

Evidence – To Make a Long Story Longer
John Jiggs & Rockwelz – Self-Made
Awaxx of The Rhymthm Writers – Drifting
Cquel – King
N.B.S. – Nile River
Grand Analog – Quiet Life
Swamp Thing – 4 5 6 7
K.Gaines – Opulence
MLNY – Guilty
MLNY ft Spesh K – Prideless
MLNY – Elementary
Lola – In My Zone
The IMF – Golden
The Library Steps ft Thesis Sahib – To Friend Too Fortunate
Dirt Disciples – It Ain’t Hard to Tell (DJ Concept Remix)
A Tribe Called Quest – Lost Somebody
EPMD ft M.O.P. – The Symphony Pt 1
2Pac – R U Still Down
Das Efx – Baknaffek
Grand Puba – I Like It
Jay-Z – Can’t Knock the Hustle
Naughty By Nature – Guard Your Grill (Smooth Mix)
Left Land Didon – Jimmy Jump / Eight Ball
Phonte – Expensive Genes
Polodore ft Nieve – Never Defeated

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Transform School Band Concerts

Nicole Kmoch wrote an incredible piece for the Smart Music Educator blog entitled “Perform Early, Perform Often: The Power of Informance.”

She believes, “performing early and often can be a great way to reduce the anxiety students experience during performances. It also offers an opportunity to make all parents and guardians aware of – and a bigger part of – the process of learning an instrument. Rather than trying to program a full concert with students who may know only 3-5 notes, I set out to create an informance.”

Transforming Beginning Band Concerts

Instead of working for an entire semester towards a concert performance, having multiple, shorter performances can have numerous benefits.

“It’s a chance for students to showcase what they can do and an opportunity to educate parents about the process and how they can help support their students at home. In addition to several opportunities to perform solo and in small groups, the informance gives many students an opportunity to speak to the audience.”

Getting Outside the Classroom

“In our educational environment, students are very accustomed to performing while sitting at a desk, in a quiet atmosphere, on a test where they are scored only on their own knowledge. Yet in music ensembles, we ask them to showcase what they know on a stage with lights, microphones, and an audience which is prepared to give them immediate feedback on their performance. It’s very different.

Building Together

Young musicians approach performance opportunities with a wide range of comfort levels. Some are eager to share and enjoy the spotlight. Others are terrified at just the thought. Performing early in the process helps them to discover the joy found in performing together. It takes the mystery out of the stage and what a performance looks and feels like. Once some of the build-up and anxiety is removed, it simply becomes something that we do together.

Performance, Demonstration, and Education

Informances also offers the flexibility to have students that are ready and willing to perform to help with the demonstrations for the audience. Opportunities range from demonstrating a buzz on a brass mouthpiece to performing a more advanced piece while exhibiting excellent tone. An informance allows you to differentiate your performance to include all students.”

Learning in the Spotlight

I really like this idea and plan to implement it next semester. Have you have any experience with Informances? Please let me know on Twitter, Facebook, or with a comment below.

And make sure to visit the Teaching Tips Archive for more great ideas.

Toronto Sounds Terrible (And it Shouldn’t)

Toronto Sound: Vol. 1 – A Memoir of the City’s Rising Producers by KLFTN

I was really looking forward to reading this book. As a hip-hop historian, I wanted to dive into the history of beatmakers and producers from Canada. The cover art is amazing and looks great when the book is completely unfolded. Unfortunately, that is the only thing impressive about it.

Don’t get me wrong, the stories in this book are ones that hip-hop fans in Canada should know. They are just told in a way that is flat and boring. I had to stop reading the book due to the blatant grammar errors that distracted me from both the history and the stories. It is really difficult to read a book that has not had any editing or polishing done to it.

Horrible sentence fragments like this one, “Then the labels would pay attention with the exception of Beat Factory” are used throughout the book. Unnecessary words, awkward phrasing, and persistent grammar errors made it impossible for me to enjoy the book. I had to stop reading it.

I wasn’t sure that I should even write about it here on my blog. In fact, I have been wrestling with this for months now. I thought perhaps I could come back to it later and see something worthwhile that would allow me to continue reading. Unfortunately, it really is a terrible book that would have benefited from having an experienced editor or co-writer shaping it into a book worthy of publication.

The book covers thirty years of hip-hop history with a focus on the groundbreaking event series “Battle of the Beatmakers.” Superstar producer Boi-1da began his career at the very first edition of the event back in 2005. He took home top prize three years in a row and went on to create some of the biggest records to come out of Canada.

It would have been nice to have been able to read about the event and how it helped shape young producers. It did a great job in developing the scene and giving producers a chance to grown their skills and showcase their talent. These kinds of competitions have become even more popular in the last several years. Canada’s history in it is fascinating as well. Unfortunately, this is not the outlet to tell the story. Either that or a major reworking of the book is necessary.

Since the book has “Volume One” in its title, and I hopeful that they will be able to craft an improved second chapter with a new writer, co-writer, or editing team. If they do it right, I will read it. If not, it will end up in the recycling bin (which is where this one belongs).

My List of 2018 Reads (coming soon)

WIB Rap Radio and DOPEfm Combine with Sankdafied

Daddy J of DOPEfm is the special co-host for this edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio.

I got my start in radio on his show almost eleven years ago, so it was really nice to rock with him once again.

Sankdafied called in to talk about his new album, Atoms & Evolution, which is available everywhere you get your music from now. If you like what you hear today, please support by grabbing a copy of the project.

And let us know you are listening with the hashtag #WIBRapRadio

The Library Steps – Nothing Friendly
Chris Skillz ft Skyzoo & Left Lane – One Two
Evidence ft Rakaa – Wonderful World
Fraction & Finsta – Working On It
Cozz – Questions
Awaxx of the Rhythm Writers – Pay to Play
Cautious Kieran – Return To Sender
Sankdafied – Pay to Play
Sankdafied ft Branded Moore – Easy
Sankdafied ft Speak EZ – Life
Ice Cube – Endangered Species
Treacherous Three – Action
Super 3 – Philosophy Rappin’ Spree
O.C. – Give It Up
Muneshine & Vinyl Frontiers – Easy Does It
Animal Nation – Money
Napoleon Da Legend – Bionic Trigger
TapesOne2 – One Step
Anibus – Levitation
Moka Only – Somethings Going On

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Koty Kolter (Oshawa Hip-Hop Concert – Sunday)

Team Alpha Pack Entertainment in association with Ill Broken Entertainment presents Koty Kolter.

Supported by one of the best opening lineups in Oshawa history, including names like Mack Money  Milestone, Nathan Skullz of 420 KlickRuby Red and more. With a special guest performance by Justn Credible. 

DJ Chase March will be holding it down on the 1s and 2s.

I hope to see you out!

WHAT: Koty Kolter – Chop Chop Live In Concert
WHEN: Sunday April 8, 2018
WHERE: The Diezel Room – 59 King St E, Oshawa, Ontario
EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/153405628681001/
TICKETS: $15 ($10 advance)
SHOW: 9:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.

Von Pea and The Other Guys on WIB Rap Radio

I podcasted this one over at The Word is Bond last year but forgot to post it here.


This one was recorded live on the radio back in December. Enjoy!

Von Pea of Tanya Morgan and Von Pea and the Other Guys calls in to kick with Chase March in this edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio. Bad weather kept Traffimatics away from his in-studio appearance but he still kicked a dope freestyle over the phone lines. All this plus two hours of great hip-hop.

Mega Ran – Snow Business
Basement Freaks ft James Brown and Dead Pres – I Feel Good With This Hip Hop
Duffle Bag Hottie ft Bennie – Dirty Money
Masta Ace – Take a Walk
Code Nine – Melba toast
Langston Hughes III – Je Ne Sais Quoi
The Alchemist ft Budgie and Evidence – By My Side
Defari – I’m here
Von Pea and The Other Guys – Oh Yeah
Von Pea and The Other Guys ft Verbal Kent, J-Live & Wordsworth – Talent
Von Pea and The Other Guys – Everything
Traffimatics ft Mad Hattr and Chase March – Y’allready Know
Traffimatics – The People
Derty Mac ft Traffimatics – Unfriend Me
Traffimatics and Chase March – freestyle
Mobb Deep – So Long
Eminem – Any Woof
Fortunato – What I Got to Say
Big L – Danger Zone

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My List of 2018 Reads

I like to keep track of what I read and I think this is a great platform to do that. I blog about every single book I read, keep track of the number of books and the genre, and put them all together in a annual reading log that I update frequently. This is the 2018 edition of my personal reading log.

I hope that you will find it useful as well. Maybe you can learn about a book you would like to read. Perhaps I can influence  you to read something you might not otherwise of read.

Since starting this series back in 2012, I have read, on average, 65 books a year. This includes graphic novels, teaching-related books, non-fiction, and novels.

Let’s see how I do this year.

Happy Reading!


Mr. Mercedes


coming soon


coming soon


coming soon


Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting
Hip-Hop DJs
Toronto Sound: Vol 1


Start With Why


coming soon

Total Books Read in 2018: 5

WIB Rap Radio – Some Things Stay the Same

Some things stay the same, like Word is Bond Rap Radio. We have been coming at you weekly with great hip-hop music and talk for six years now and have over 300 episodes podcasted for you to check out at any time.

And of course, we bring you daily hip-hop news and coverage at thewordisbond.com from a team of dedicated writers and music lovers.

So. press play,  enjoy the show, and let people know you are listening!

O.C. – Fair Game
Dweller & Jonny Capicola – The Deep End
Sharky – Some Things Stay the Same
Certain Ones – Work it Out
Murs – Celebrate
Blu & Nottz ft Sene & Elisa Meri – Yesterday
Buck-N-Nice ft Reks – Time
T.$poon ft David Bars & Benny the Butcher – Last of My Kind
Mic Bless & Science Green – Mic Bless
MLNY ft Innesence – Bruce Lee
Tribeca-Grand – NY-PHI
DJ Duke ft Skyzoo – Untitled # 1
D-Smooth – Taken Total Control
Masta Ace – Acknowledge
Xzibit – Paparazzi
Cypress Hill – Throw Ya Set in the Air
Exit Only ft DJ Hullewud – Nine And a Half
Fraction and Finsta – Pushing Verses
Imperial ft Sareem Poems & Sojourn – Know the Call
Sankdafied – Ms Out
Casual & Finale – One Man Army (8-bit Remix)
Gavlyn and DJ Hoppa ft Sampagita – Needs
Keith Murray – The Style
Cayoz Da Emcee ft pHoenix Pagliacci – Fire & Ice
Koss ft Blaq Poet – The Rawness
Superior ft Blu & Edo.G – Make the World Go Round
Baba Brinkman – Wizard of Odds
Babylon Warchild ft Punchline and Wordsworth – Piano Keys
Configa ft Craig G – From the Soul
Dessa – Half of You
Organik Poisons ft SmooVth – Hindsight
Ozay Moore – WSTCST
A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation

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Chasing Content – No Fooling

Chasing Content PictureIt’s April Fools Day and I won’t be playing any pranks on you this year. It feels wrong to play jokes on Easter weekend. Instead, I will run the regular feature of Chasing Content.

This is a monthly spotlight on the best posts from this blog last year at this time. You can read all of the posts from last April . . .

or just these highlights.

My Everything Birthday

Turning 42 felt like a milestone last year. I liked the pun from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy as well. Too bad I can’t freeze this age and remain 42 a little while longer.

Record Store Day Broadcast

I did a live broadcast on Radio Western last year on Record Store Day. It was a lot of fun and lives on through the power of podcasting.

A New Favourite Skatepark (Sarnia, Ontario)

Aamjiwnaang First Nation has an amazing skatepark that I visited a lot last year. It is just outside of Sarnia and definitely one of my favourite places to skate. I hope to see you there at some point this season.

Word is Bond Rap Radio Turns 5

The 5th Anniversary broadcast of Word is Bond Rap Radio was a lot of fun. I had a bunch of guests live in the studio, played posse cuts featuring 5 emcees, asked trivia questions about rapper’s fifth albums, and gave away packs of 5 gum. It was a great way to celebrate the milestone.

Chasing Content

Thanks for Chasing Content with me. We do this once a month to highlight the best content so it doesn’t get buried in the archives. Click through and explore 120 of these “best of” posts.

Always Start With Why

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Remember when Oprah gave away a car to everyone in the audience of her talk show?

Do you remember what car she gave away?

Or even what brand of car it was?

My guess is that you do not.

According to Simon Sinek, this is because this giveaway didn’t tie in to what the company was all about.

Sinek writes, “For a message to have real impact, to affect behavior and seed loyalty, it needs more than publicity. It needs to publicize some higher-purpose cause or belief to which those with similar values and beliefs can relate. Only then, can the message create some lasting mass market success . . . Why the stunt is being performed, beyond the desire to generate press must be clear.”

The Oprah car event benefited Oprah because she seemed to really care about her audience. She was generous on her program often. This stunt fit into her “why.” It was what her show was all about. Conversely, no one was sure why the car manufacturer donated their cars. It didn’t make sense to their “why” and so their role in the stunt was forgotten.

Creative Zen vs the iPod

“Apple didn’t invent the MP3 player but it clearly ruled the market and completely eclipsed the original creator and manufacturer, Creative Technology.”

Creative is responsible for the Soundblaster audio technology that enabled home computers to have sound. This was a huge development in home computing and paved the way for the iPod. The curious thing is that Creative came out with a much superior product well before the iPod was launched.

Apple didn’t introduce the iPod until nearly two years after the Creative Zen entered the market. “Given their history in digital sound, Creative is more qualified than Apple to introduce a digital music project.” So why did they fail?

Here is the answer . . . We didn’t feel the need to own an MP3 player until the iPod had become popular. Apple gave us a reason to have such a device, whereas Creative simply told us what their product was. The very succinct phrase, “1,000 songs in our pocket” was all we needed to buy in. The why was there and it was very apparent.

I didn’t know this history at the time, but did a lot of research before buying an MP3 player. I decided to purchase a Creative Zen because, for all intents and purposes, it is a superior product. Creative could have ruled the market if they had put forth their message of why instead of what.

This was an interesting read. It is something that I have known in education for some time. If I want to motivate students, I need to teach to a sense of purpose. The students need to know why we are doing what we are doing in class. This helps them buy into the work and enhances learning. Maybe starting with why is what we all need to do.

My List of 2018 Reads – coming soon