So the ever elusive Part 3 of my novel came together a bit today. I am now up to page 199. I don’t know why this portion of the book has been so difficult to write. Part 1 and 2 seemed to come to me with very little effort.

The story is nearly finished but I keep getting distracted and taking breaks. I didn’t write anything except report cards on Saturday. They are due in two and a half weeks so I wanted to give myself a bit of a head start.

Sunday I wrote a bit in the morning. Then I took a break for lunch, did some reading, and went for a 5 km run. I then got back to the computer but I ended up reading a blog. I did some surfing, found a new artist and wrote a blog entry. I eventually got back to writing my novel and have finished the skateboard competition portion of the story.

I broke for supper and flicked on the television. I watched a movie on the Movie Network just because it was starting during my supper break. It was called Elizabethtown and I knew absolutely nothing about it before I turned it on. After it finished I sat there and let the credits roll. You know it is a good movie when you don’t want to get up right away and do something. I let the credits roll and stayed on the couch. That movie was amazing. It had great writing and I really enjoyed it.

I then got up and turned on the computer again and wrote this blog. So here I am Sunday night typing away. I’m not sure where I’m going with my novel. I really should get back to it. The story should wrap up in the next twenty pages or so. I know that there needs to be an awards ceremony and a coming home type of closure but besides that I’m not exactly sure of the ending. I will figure it out as I type, as long as I don’t get distracted again.