Women in Hop Hop 13 – Michele Geister (Creator of RapCity)

I went to go see Drop the Needle in the movie theatre in London, Ontario and it was quite the affair. It was the only time I’ve ever gone to a film and known pretty much everyone in the place. All of the big DJs in the city were there, as was much of the Hip Hop scene, artists and fans. It was really cool to see. And I learned a few things I didn’t know.

One scene from the documentary made me sit up and take note.

It’s from Jeff Duke aka J-Spade from the group Citizen Kane. 

He said, “If you’re talking about Ron Nelson, you have to talk about Michelle Geister because she basically brought Hip Hop to Much Music. So just think about all the RapCity’s and all these. That’s all Michelle Geister. As imortant as Ron Nelson is, Michelle Geister is just as important, maybe, per se, might be even more important.”

I knew I had to get in touch with this person for the annual Women in Hip Hop Special this year. She was gratuitous enough to talk about all of the great things she’s done for the Canadian Hip Hop scene. We talk about RapCity, Much Music, and so much more. 

This is the first installment of Women in Hip Hop 13, our annual celebration to mark International Women’s Day. We shine a spotlight on Hip Hop’s better half with great music, interviews, and more. Stay tuned next week for Part 2!

Chase March & Zeen Sloshy – Word is Bond
Vel the Wonder – Anonymous
Nezi Momodu – N.E.Z.
NuriYAH One – Loose Leaf
Amani Caesar – Meth & Mary
Gavlyn & DJ Hoppa – There’s Only One
Dominque Larue & J Rawls ft Bobbi Townes – Memories of Green
Kadyelle ft Rachel Berry & Thorts – Down to the Flow
DJ Rummage ft Nilla – Us
Makeba Mooncycle – Dreamin
Haviah Mighty – In Women Colour
Brittney Carter ft Recoe – What It’s Gone Be
Sammus – Anything
Cecy B – So Much More
Leikeli47 – Chitty Bang
Phoenix Pagliacci – Nostalgia
Shubzilla & Bill Beats – Broken Glass
Prowess the Testament ft Mark Cooper – Tongue in Cheek
Skulastic ft DRB Day Day – Real Game Pt 2
King Kimbit, Jeepz, Jenna Whitely – Coda
E-Turn ft DJ Hurley – Not Me
Starrlight ft Edo.G and Ras Kass – The Galaxy
Pooky G ft Rah Digga – Femcee Blues
Chyna Streetz – #AngryBlackGirl
Slimkid3 and MC Lyte – Roots, Love, & Culture
Lex the Lexicon Artist – I Know
Remy Ma & Brandy – Lady Z Strikes Back

Thank you for listening!

Original Air Date – March 2, 2023

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