Smoking Licence

I have a big problem with kids smoking. As a teacher it pains me to see kids smoking. We try to teach about it in health but the message just doesn’t get through. Last month I started a unit of health about substance abuse and had a very frank discussion with the class. I appreciated their honesty but was horrified to find out that almost the whole class had already tried smoking. They are only 10 years old! This isn’t right.

Smoking is a complete waste. I don’t understand it all. It ruins your health, costs money, and annoys people who don’t like being exposed to smoke. It doesn’t seem to have any benefit at all and yet people continue to do it.

I came up with a crazy idea that could stop this insanity. I know it is crazy, but bear with me here.

Let’s issue smoking licences. Anyone who wants to smoke and is over 18 can apply to get a licence. Tobacco retailers would only be allowed to sell cigarettes to people who have a smoking licence. This would weed out all the current smokers who want to continue to have the right to smoke. We would only let people apply for the licence for four years. After that there would be no more licences issued. This would effectively phase out smoking. I know it is a crazy idea but I think it would work.

Smokers could continue to smoke until they die. After a generation, we would have no more smokers. Kids wouldn’t be smoking anymore. Police and teachers could do something about kids smoking because it would now be illegal for them to smoke. I know this probably isn’t realistic at all. But I also know that smoking is a big problem that no one seems to be able to come up with a viable solution for. This is just one of my crazy ideas.