Smog City

The smog was so thick that I could actually see it in the air, sticking to the city as I drove over the Skyway Bridge yesterday. It is always worse when the heat gets extremely unbearable. If we are issued a heat advisory, a smog advisory goes with it. It is like the two are inseparable; like network television and commercials.

It looks like it is going to be a scorcher of a summer this year. It just started and we have had humidex advisories all week. The radio has been encouraging the elderly and those with breathing problems to stay indoors because of the smog.

I know that smog can’t be healthy for you. I’m glad that I am young and that I don’t really have to worry about it, but I do. I don’t let it stop me from going out and doing what I want to do, but it does make me think twice about going for a run in the middle of the afternoon. There is a lot less smog and heat early in the morning.

I guess there is no escaping it. Smog is our yearly summer visitor that I don’t like to welcome. I try to do my part to cut down on pollution. Much Music is running a campaign right now called “Flick Off” that reminds us to turn things off when we are not using them. It’s a small thing that I guess we can all do. I don’t think it will chase our nemesis smog away but I will do my part.

2 responses to “Smog City”

  1. Rofl, reminds me of the time I visited jakarta after a couple of years. The smog there is terrible! You can wipe your face after a day in the city and the towel’ll come out black.

  2. Wow, the smog here is not that bad in comparison. It looks more like fog here. You can smell it though, but after a while of living here you don’t really notice it anymore.