Scaring Up Content (The Best of Last November)

Nero, premier Duc du grand domaine de balconieImage by The Infatuated via FlickrHalloween is over, but let’s scare up some content anyway.

It’s time to dig through the dark and scary archives to see what horribly exciting things happened on the blog last year at this time.

Read all of the posts from November 2010

. . . or just these few gems.

Comic Book Imagery in Harry Potter – The Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows movies owe a lot to comic books. I break down some of the reasons here and highlight how the first film ended on a splash page as well as a few other examples to prove the point.

The Colourful Parking Lot – A poem that my class wrote together as a guided writing activity. It’s a great lesson that you may want to try in your primary or junior classroom this November.

Inspiring Students: A Video Game Analogy – Here’s a great way to use the history of video game design as a way to push students to developing their own skills in the classroom. Show them that they can improve their work and feel good about putting in their best effort.

The Gay Insult – Had a great debate about this subject on Twitter. Let’s stop using “gay” as an insult and if we hear it, let’s stand-up and say something about it. Stop the hate!

Super Doors – Get creative and turn your classroom door in to a work of art – comic book art, that is! If you teach Grade 4, announce your class as The Fantastic Grade 4. It’s a great play on words and a collaborative project your students will love.

Remember that we go Chasing Content each and every month here on Silent Cacophony. Check the archives to find those cool posts from the past.

Thanks for being on this journey with me, and while you dig through my blog, please stop to leave a few comments.

I’d love to hear from you, what do you say?  

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