Saugeen Shores Rotary Skate Park

Saugeen Shores Rotary Skate Park features 12,000 square feet of formed concrete that is absolutely beautiful to skate on. Have fun traversing the ledges, curbs, rails, quarter pipe with wall, an open bowl, pole jam, up gap and more!

It is located at 1152 Wellington Street in Port Elgin, ON, Canada.

I love this open bowl. It’s not quite a mini-ramp or half-pipe but it great to skate.

Here are both side of the up-gap.

You can roll in to the rest of the park, or do some tricks on the quarter-pipe.

This concrete picnic table is really cool too!

There are rails throughout the park to grind as well.

Here’s a wider angle shot of the bowl and the surrounding obstacles.

Nice sets to jump here.

I had a great time skating here today. It’s worth it to take a day trip out to Port Elgin and visit the Saugeen Shores Skatepark

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