NEW MUSIC – Gizmo’s Lullaby

New Music from Chase March

My new song, “Gizmo’s Lullaby” is now available wherever you get your music.

I wrote it to celebrate the birth of my son. My wife and I didn’t find out the gender during the pregnancy so we didn’t know whether we were going to have a son or daughter. It felt strange just saying “the baby” the entire time so I gave him a nickname. It started during the first ultrasound we had. The image on the screen looked like a Gremlin to me (remember that 1984 movie?) So, I started calling the baby “Gizmo” and the name stuck.

Chase March - Gizmo's Lullaby (1)

I hadn’t even planned to write this song. It came by pure chance and love, which makes it very special to me.

A producer friend of mine, SirRealWorld Studios, posted the beat on his Facebook and I really liked it. I commented that I could do something with it. I had meant it to just be a compliment, but he gave me the beat and told me to have fun. He had titled it, “Street Lullaby” and that title inspired me to write a fatherly advice song.

I tried to make it accessible for fathers and sons everywhere. I hope you enjoy it!

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I wanted to give you a gift the day you were born
so I made a mixtape full of great songs
carefully selected, mixed and blended
hoping you comprehend the meaning behind each one
crafted it with passion, I hope you become,
aware of yours ’cause we all got something we are good at
that energizes us and makes us reach beyond ourselves
it doesn’t matter how many times ya fail,
trip, stumble, or get knocked down
get up with a smile and take the world head on
don’t get caught up in all the distraction
you always got the power to choose
accept things, change them, or walk away
no sense worrying, that doesn’t pay dividends
in fact just the opposite, got a lotta knowledge that I wanna spit
you can learn from all sorts of teachers
be ready to take in the lesson,
grow every moment, so you can beat the odds
and make something of yourself
if they call ya odd, roll with it, and walk outside the beaten path
blaze a trail for yourself and do the math
if you weigh the pros and cons
and act with courage you can’t go wrong.

Little man, ya gots ta learn and grow
trying to impart the little that I know
but it’s up to you to show and prove
Nobody can do it but you

Sometimes this life will get you down,
don’t get too low just roll with the sound
music can be therapy, whether you make it or listen
things can get dirty, polish it till it glistens
always leave it cleaner than you found it
when everything is soaring make sure to stay grounded
you can get more by helping those around
don’t have blinders on and only focus on self
pick up every book you can and learn from the pages
ask life for what you want, live with intent
seek to get on stages, put yourself out there
create opportunity don’t wait for the knock
live in the present, not for the future, just today
be smart with your money, don’t dwindle it away
stay within your means, don’t borrow, pay for it whole
demand your worth and get paid in full


I wish I could shelter you from all of the harm
transplant my experience and be done
truth is, ya gotta learn by falling a lot
be courageous, never let fear halt your progress
Put in more work than everyone around you
address others with respect till they prove they haven’t earned it or deserve it
You are the company you keep so choose wisely
you can step away from anybody who is toxic
family comes first, yo I always got you, that’s it,
heartbreak is a given and it hurts like hell,
but when you find that one, treat her well
go out of your way to make her happy
if you screw up, then step up
being a man doesn’t mean you throw your weight around
be wise, intelligent, have fun, and know no bounds