My New Favourite Show – Stargirl

I hadn’t planned to watch Stargirl. I was getting a little burnt out with all of the superhero television shows. After the Crisis crossover event, I felt like I needed a break.

I went into the pilot of the series with some reluctance, but it quickly won me over and continues to do so every week. Last week’s show was just brilliant. It struck a great balance of story, humour, and character. And it was great to see the Justice Society of America in action so quickly into the run. I think this is my new favourite show, and quite possibly, my favourite superhero show of the modern era.

There is something to be said of a light comic book series that entertains with great stories and fight scenes. Mixed with great performances and a little bit of humour, Stargirl is the show that I didn’t even know I needed. It’s also really cool to see a female superhero lead building a team around her. In this way, it resembles Arrow, but I think this character is a more likable one than the Green Arrow and it makes sense for her to be at the middle of this.

It’s also amazing to see a comicbook writer at the helm. Geoff Johns has written some great titles over the years and penned some of my favourite Green Lantern tales. This series keeps mentioning the character too. It would be so great to see Green Lantern done properly on any screen in live action format. I hope that actually happens and that this series starts a new wave of connected superhero shows.

There are still Arrowverse shows on the air: Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Flash, Black Lightning, and Batwoman. I’m not sure if those shows will connect to this one, but right now, I am hoping that they don’t. This could be the start of a bigger universe that stands separate from the one we already know on television. I would love to see Diggle become the new Green Lantern, however. They teased us with that in Arrow and they have been teasing us with the hint of a Lantern showing up with the Starverse (Is that what we should call this?)

Do yourself a favour and watch this show. It is amazing. It reworks the history of the JSA a little bit. In the comics, this group of superheroes predated the Justice League. In this time frame, they were active in the 80s and up to the start of the new millennium. It’s assumed that the whole team died when Stargirl was just a young child. Her step-dad was the sidekick to the original Starman and, of course, she stumbles upon his staff and it miraculously works for her. Could it be that Starman was her father?

There are thirteen episodes set for the first season and we are now halfway through them. I am thoroughly enjoying the ride every week. It is my new favourite show!

It was just announced yesterday that it has been renewed for a second season. Here’s to many more!  I hope it stays on for a long while and establishes some new heroes and spin-offs.