The Movie Was Better

How rare it is for a movie to actually be better than the original book?

I can only think of one case, V for Vendetta.
The movie was brilliant on so many levels, thanks mostly to the superb writing and storytelling of the original graphic novel. However, the movie made some changes to the story and the characters that, in my opinion, made it an even better story. 
First, they refined the character of Evey. In the original, she was a teenager who showed little motivation. She was a street worker and a drug addict. In the movie, she was older, she was working, and a much more likable character.

The filmmakers knew how to make a good movie and not just duplicate the book. They kept the main elements and theme of the book but updated them flawlessly.

The ending of the movie was so poetic and beautiful. It was completely different from the book. But it worked. Extremely well.

Here’s a great quote about it from Hilary Goldstein,

“The film ends with a rousing and, quite sincerely patriotic, finale far distanced from the book. It’s not a matter of one being better than the other — they are too different to compare fairly. But if you want something that will make you believe, at least for 2 hours, that you are going to do something about US policy, the movie will treat you better than the book.”

What about you?

Is the book always better?

Has a movie ever ruined or improved upon the original story for you?

How do you feel about V for Vendetta?