Marching to the Past

Chasing Content - March 2017

Let’s do a few more of these Chasing Content posts this month. I want to catch up on all the months I have missed over the years. A lot of those were in March too, weird.

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Teaching is Rewarding

A student surprised me today with these very thoughtful gifts. I was overwhelmed to see the time and effort he put in to them. [Keep Reading]

Word is Bond Rap Radio Celebrates 5 Years

It was a blast celebrating five years of my radio program. You can re-live it now or experience it for the first time. This month, we celebrate 7 years. I can’t wait! [Keep Reading]

Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands (Book Review)

Emily Shepard used to be a regular teenage girl. She had to deal with her parents who often drank too much, but her life was fairly average. At least, I gather it was from reading this story written in her own words. The problem is that she isn’t the most reliable of a narrator, and she isn’t even that great of a storyteller. In fact, she is rather troubled. [Keep Reading]

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

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