Jack Reacher Goes to Night School

I haven’t been reading much in the way of fiction this year. I’ve been diving into dozens of books of how children learn so I can homeschool my son the best possible way. I’ve been working hard on my music and trying to be the best husband I can be too. Things have been busy. That’s why a nice spy novel was just the thing I needed to relax.

I haven’t read a Jack Reacher novel before, so jumping in to the 21st adventure might seem a little odd. Did I mention that I’ve been doing a lot of research about school? This booked popped up in my book search simply because of the title. I thought it sounding interesting and I know that most of these books have a stand-alone quality to them. Plus, I knew about the character from the excellent Tom Cruise fronted a move a few years back.

I loved the opening chapters and how slowly they moved through the use of dialogue between Jack Reacher, a member of the military police, a CIA analyst, and an FBI agent. They are all trying to figure out why they have been sent back to school at this stage in their career.

It turns out that their mission has a lot more riding on it than sharpening their skills in a classroom. They end up chasing a bad guy not knowing exactly what he is up to. The mystery is compelling and the writing will have you turning pages and not wanting to put it down.

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