Chase March


Out to Save Hip Hop

I subscribe to about a dozen hip hop blogs. It’s a great way to get information about up and coming artists, producers, and albums. It is also one of the best ways to stay in touch with what is relevant in today’s hip hop world. You can’t find good hip hop on the radio or […]

Check the OR

I used to watch Much Music all the time. I paid careful attention to Canadian acts because I wanted to stay in touch with our homegrown talent. I remember catching this video from a group called Organized Rhyme. The tune was quite catchy. I liked the old school vibe and the way the two MCs […]

Beatbox Lessons

I love to beatbox. I can get a pretty good rhythm going where I have a kick drum sound, a snare, some hit hats, and a bass line sounding all in one complete drum pattern. I can make a few record scratching sounds to add to it as well. Beatboxing is an art. It takes […]

2008 Rap Up

One of the best things about the calendar flipping over to the New Year is waiting to hear the “Rap-Up.” Skillz has been dropping yearly “Rap-Ups” since 2002. The songs are always witty, well-written takes on the year that has just passed. I look forward to them every year. He had some excellent words to […]

Best and Worst of 2008

Here is my annual Best and Worst of list. Best Athlete – Usain Bolt He was amazing to watch during the Summer Olympics. I love running, and watching these games was very exciting. Bolt was unbelievable. Best Album – Water Street I have been a fan of Sweatshop Union for quite some time. This is […]

Sweatshop Union Interview Podcast

My Sweatshop Union interview hit the airwaves of Hamilton and the world last night. Look out! If you weren’t tuned in to the radio station last night, don’t fret. You can download it at the Dope FM web page. You can listen to it here, if you subscribe to my blog in a reader. Or […]

Sweatshop Union Interview Part 3

Without further ado, here is the conclusion of the Sweatshop Union interview I did for Dope FM radio. I’m talking with Dusty Melodica, one of the seven members of this super group. Chase: “So what inspires you when you are either beat making or writing your lyrics. Where do you draw inspiration from?” Dusty: “Um, […]

Sweatshop Union Interview Part 2

This is the second installment of the interview I did with Dusty Melodica from the hip-hop group Sweatshop Union. This entire interview is available as a podcast from the Dope FM radio show on 93.3 CFMU Hamilton. Please check it out and subscribe to the podcast. It’s free and one of the best hip-hop mix […]

Sweatshop Union Interview

Last week, I had the honour and the privilege to interview one of the best groups in hip-hop right now. I talked to Dusty Melodica of Sweatshop Union. This interview is available as a podcast. I thought it would also be a good idea to put up a transcript of it here as well. I’ve […]

Bush Babees

I used to tape music videos when I was younger. I made several Beta tape collections of great rap videos. Those tapes are long gone. But thanks to YouTube we can still watch some old classic rap videos. Today, I wanted to look back at one of favourite groups of the 90s. They only put […]

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