Chasing Content – March 2012

It’s the first of the month.

Time for a little feature we call Chasing Content . . .

A feature that lets us shine a light through the many blog posts that get planted here.

So, let’s go back in time and look at the best posts of last March.

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or just these favs!

Friday Night Lights: A Mixtape Tribute to the TV Series 

I never watched this show during its original run on television. But I fell in love with it on DVD. I raced through every single episode and was sad to see it come to an end.

I wanted to make a tribute mixtape to acknowledge this incredible series. This music mix might be a bit weird but I think it sums up the feel of high school football quite nicely.

Enjoy the tunes!

The Book Whisperer 

I love this book. It’s something I think all homeroom teachers should read.

It’s important to instill a love of reading in our students. I’m not sure we do that with the way we have traditionally taught reading in the classroom.

Donalyn Miller has great ideas to turn that all around. This book is well worth your time. Please read it.

Join WoMEn on the Radio 

Every year, we celebrate International Women’s Day by dedicating our entire overnight radio show to the Women in Hip-hop.

Last year’s show was incredible and by the power of the Internet, it lives on. Gotta love it!

This year’s show will be on March 9th. Tune in live to hear seven hours of great content!

40 Teaching Blunders (Or Opportunities) 

Every mistake can be a learning opportunity. I think it’s important for our students to realize that mistakes are simply a part of life and nothing to be ashamed of. I have made plenty of mistakes over the course of my career and I haven’t tried to hide that from my students. There is value in that.

The Word is Bond Podcast 

I can’t believe a year has passed since we launched The Word is Bond Podcast.

It has been quite the ride and I have enjoyed writing and producing weekly episodes of the show.

We have big things planned for the wesbite and the podcast this year.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

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