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Mr. D thinks Teaching is Hard

February 4, 2021

Teaching: It’s Harder Than It Looks by Gerry Dee Some people know Mr. D from his hit television show of the same name. In it, he plays a teacher who tries his best to do as little work as possible. His ultimate goal is to become a gym teacher [Keep Reading]

Free Children from Acting Upon Labels

January 7, 2021

Labels can be dangerous. Once a child has a label placed upon them, they often live up, or down, to, that expectation. As such, they play a role that can limit their growth and development. Fortunately, there are things we can do to free children [Keep Reading]

Add It Up – A Hip-Hop Salute to Math

June 2, 2020

The Hip Hop HeadUcatorz have teamed up with Manitoba teacher and emcee Mr. Will Penner to talk about the importance of having a solid foundation in math in our daily lives. Check out the lyric video to “Add it Up.” We had a blast [Keep Reading]

Music of Science (Wu-Tang Education)

April 21, 2020

ODB of the Wu-Tang Clan once said that “Wu-Tang is for the children.” It’s one of the reasons that educators should try their best to incorporate hip-hop pedagogy into their practice. You don’t have to be part of hip-hop [Keep Reading]

The Magic of Creativity

February 18, 2020

Sometimes when I am writing or creating, it feels like I am merely the channel that helps the work express itself. There has always been a magic to creativity. In her book, Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert explain it like this . . . “I am [Keep Reading]

Ideas Won’t Wait Around Forever

February 4, 2020

Ideas Won’t Wait Around Forever Elizabeth Gilbert tells us about a story she started to write but never finished. She loved the idea but never seriously got down to executing it. Then, a few years later, she had an encounter with a fellow [Keep Reading]

Let the World Educate You

January 7, 2020

“If you are a young person, open your eyes wide and let the world educate you to the fullest extent. (‘Ascend no longer from the textbook! warned Walt Whitman, and I warn it, too; there are many ways to learn that do no necessarily [Keep Reading]
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