Daredevil at Fan Expo 2014

I collected a few more autographs for my Daredevil collection last weekend at Fan Expo Toronto.

Cary Nord autograph

When I asked to get this comic signed, Cary Nord was suprrised to see this book. He said something along the lines of, “Woah, old school!”

DD hardcover autographs

This is Volume 1 of the Hardcover Collection of the second series of the book. It now has three artist autographs on it.

DD David Mack

David Mack signed this one for me a few years ago.

DD Joe Quasada

Underneath his autograph, I got one from Joe Quesada.

DD Dave Ross

And last week, I added one more autograph to this collection.

Dave Ross told me that he really loves these over-sized hardcovers.

I agree, they are so beautiful and this first volume is now even more special with three great autographs inside the front cover.

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