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Chasing Content - Sept 2008

I am trying to complete my Chasing Content archive.

Out of 130 months of blogging, I am missing 14 of these “Best Of” posts. Let’s drop that number down, shall we?

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Walkie Talkies to Cell Phones

A small plan crashed in a very remote valley during World War II. The terrain made it very difficult to amass a rescue. In the meantime, an air drop was arranged to give the men and women much needed supplies to help them survive.

One of the most precious items in the cargo was “a portable FM radio that could be used to transmit and receive messages. It was almost certainly a rugged waterproof thirty-five pound two-way radio the size of a small suitcase. [Keep Reading]

Women in Hip-Hop 4 Roundtable

E-turn, Dessa, Reverie, and Lo-Do were part of the 4th annual Women in Hip-Hop radio special. We had a great discussion. [Stream or download now]

Legoland Racers

Our trip to Legoland was a lot of fun. One of the highlights was building and racing cars. [Keep Reading]

Reunited in a Dream

My dad  lived in a small one-bedroom place and he absolutely loved it. It was a little bit difficult letting his place go, but I knew that the tree we planted on the property would serve as a great memorial for many years to come. I really have no reason to go back to that place. It’s been sold and someone else now calls it home. But, for some reason, I had a dream last night that I went back there. [Keep Reading]

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