You Are Not Alone (Event Recap)

DJ Chase March Events

On Saturday, we brought the third installment of the mental health awareness event, You are Not Alone to the Old East Bar and Grill in London, Ontario, Canada.

It was the first bar event I’ve worked at since the Covid-19 restrictions started in March.

It felt great to be rocking a crowd again, even if I couldn’t see them. I was behind a plastic barricade and the guests had to remain in their seats around tables. Normally, people are right in the front of the stage. At this show, they were all off to the side and in the dark (from my perspective).

Brewza kicked off the live performances with an energetic set. You can see some of the crowd there. We sold the place out. It can normally hold 300 people, but Covid-19 restrictions capped it off at 50.

As of Monday, venues in London can only have 10 people in them. So, this was the last show of the year and for who knows how long.

Traffimatics brought Casper Marcus out for one of the songs in his set.

Danny Gable shared his story about overcoming addiction and how hip-hop has helped save his life.

Mike Williams spoke to the crowd about his sordid past and how he thinks people need to come together to help one another. It was a very powerful story.

Empress Asha & the Soulfyres brought some reggae flavour with a mix of cover tunes and original songs.

Bigg Zee also performed a set but I didn’t manage to get a picture of him.

Spencer Jones brought the house down with an energetic headlining performance.

I stayed masked up the whole time and pretty much never left the stage. It felt great to be providing the tunes for this amazing event. I hope hearing the music and stories have been inspiring.

If anyone needs help with any mental health issue, make sure you find someone to talk to. I am available online if you need to, feel free to hit me up. Danny Gable, Jux Cain, and many of the Risk Takers group on Facebook will also be willing to help.

You are not alone!