Year Two of My Five-Year Mission

So I guess today officially starts year two of my five-year mission. I had a plan when I started this blog. I wanted to develop my name as a writer. I wanted to write as much as I could over a five-year period with the goal to have some of my work published at the end of the five years.

Here is how I made out so far.

1) My Blog

My blog is going strong. I have maintained my posting schedule and have gotten a fair amount of comments and traffic. My blog isn’t blazing up the Internet. It isn’t a super popular site but that wasn’t my goal. I just wanted to have a vehicle to write and develop an audience. I think I have done that. It doesn’t need to be huge.

2) A Screenplay

I wrote a screenplay entitled Stealth about a young college kid who gets into some trouble when he decides to paint a tribute to his mom on the side of a store. I would love to see it produced someday. I am proud of this story.

3) A Verse Novel

I also wrote a 24,000-word verse novel entitled After the Fact. It is about a man who has a hard time getting over the demise of his relationship. I really like how this one turned out and have had a few positive responses from some family and friends who have read it.

4) A Young Adult Novel

I then wrote a young adult novel entitled 4 Wheels and a Piece of Maple. It is about an aboriginal boy in a Northern Ontario reserve who wants to become a professional skateboarder. He has many challenges to overcome, mainly the fact that there is no pavement on his reserve. He works hard and doesn’t give up and starts a movement that extends well beyond his small community.

5) I am currently working on my most ambitious project to date. It is a novel about a wanderer and I am currently about half way through it. I have written 130 pages and it is about 47,000 words long so far. This story is a bit of a challenge to write. I don’t want to get into any story details about it. I’m keeping that close to my chest for now.

It has been an amazing year. I surprised myself with how much I have accomplished. I am hoping that I will be able to get something published soon. This summer, I am going to look into publishing more seriously. So far, I have just been enjoying the writing. I already have an idea for my next book too. I think I can fairly call myself a writer now. I’m glad that I found this outlet.

2 responses to “Year Two of My Five-Year Mission”

  1. wow that’s great I love writing. I always wanted to be a writer but then I thought it would be better if I kept it as a hobby. I love writing stories about kids having horses i just love horses and have fun writing about it and then I am a big sports fan so my stories always have to do with sports like football I am one of the biggest football fans. I wrote a story about my younger brother who became a singer. And my brother thoght it was the coolest thing but i kind of lost it between moving from different places a few years ago. My younger brother loves to read my stuff. the best part about writng is that you have one idea and then as your writing more ideas come to mind and then its just so hard to writng eveything down and have everydown by a certain time. I once in 8th grade wrote a story about a boxer and how he started and how he had to stop doing what he loved because he did something that he wasn’t suppose to, and then i had my english teacher read it and she liked it and corrected it said that it was very good. the next week i let a friend read it and never got it back and its 4 years later but whatever i have other stories that are good and that people like to read. WOW i wrote a lot my hand is hurting well i got to go hey its friday and i get to see the guy i like hope that you enjoy your weekend!!

  2. I like writing too. I hope that trying to get published doesn’t take away from the joy of it.

    Your comment reminds me of Heartbeat, an excellent novel by Sharon Creech.

    A runner runs just for the pure enjoyment of it, while her friend gets caught up in races and gets frustrated and misreable in the process.