Yasad One and NuriYAH (Word is Bond 545)

Yasad One and NuriYAH One are a husband and wife team who craft some incredible music. Their latest project is named for their son who is “getting victory over Autism.” 

I start of this show with some great new music and then we get in to an in-depth interview where we talk about spirituality, Autism, family, creating music, and more. 

Stream Azar wherever you listen to your music or download it via Bandcamp – https://yasadone.bandcamp.com/album/azar-yahs-help

Chase March – Word is Bond Theme
MC Serch ft Bobby J & Krohme – Round Here
Robert Glasper ft Mac Miller – Therapy Pt 2
Wiki & Subjxct 5 ft Navy Blue – One More Chance
Gabriel Teodros & Third Eye Bling – Coffee & Sage
1773 & Jope Tyse ft Cruz Ochu & Kid Abstrakt – Wish Me Well
Capeech – Como Se Llama
Cymarshall Law – Never Stop Looking Upo
Typo – Weight of the World
Thorts & Unsung – Kookaburra
Nezi Momodu – I’m On It
Yasad One – Specialist
Yasad One – Can’t Do It Without You

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Original Air Date – November 3, 2022

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