Writing Chair

This chair looks like a cross between an office chair and a rocking chair. It has a nice large cloth seat and cloth backrest. It is great for writers like me. I can type away at my keyboard for as long as I want. When I need a break, I can lean back and the back of the chair rests on the ground and keeps me in that position.

I wish I had one of these chairs. I wonder where you can even get one. I have never seen a chair like this before. I have a typical leather office chair with wheels that I use when I write. It is nice too, but I don’t roll around a lot when I write. I like to stop and lean back at times. This chair does that so much better. I think it is a great writing chair. Every writer should have one.

Now all I need is an idea to write about. I am still tinkering around with the murder mystery night but I need a new idea for a novel. I feel lazy because I haven’t written anything all summer. I hope it is just a dry spell. They are calling for rain tomorrow. Maybe this dry spell will come to an end soon. I hope so. I don’t like not writing.

I guess I could always try to do the rewrite and edit stage of my last novel but I think I need to give it some more time so it will be fresh again when I reread it. I want to get more use out of this chair but right now, the ideas just aren’t coming.

4 responses to “Writing Chair”

  1. Interesting. I find that I need to be sitting at a desk when I write things by hand.

    I have seen people lie on their beds to do their homework before. I could never really figure out how they could do any work that way.

  2. Thanks for the link. That looks a lot like that chair.

    But this chair wasn’t a rocking chair. It just allowed you to rock back to a leaning position on it. I will keep searching.