Word is Bond Rap Radio # 616 – Do It Right

The title track for this week comes from Homeboy Sandman.

You know we “do it right” here on Word is Bond.

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Ezekiel Tha Prophet & Ruquone ft DJ Spre – Survive in the Jungle
Blueprint – Bad Boy Bill
Da Beatminerz, De La Soul, Rasheed Chappell,. Pharoah Monche, Corey Glover – My Year
Kooley High ft Tuamie – Get Up
River Nelson & Altobeats – Dangerous Gravel
Gazs & Illinformed – Money or the Morgue
Slum Village – All Live
Seafood Sam – Saylo
Sequestrians – Born to Hide
Reks & Short Buss 13 – Cheat Code
Homeboy Sandman – Do It Right
Norman Sann – War
Arc ft MJ Ultra – Hot
O’hene Savant – Brainstormin’
Wick-It The Instigator ft The Crusaders vs Fyutch – Street Life
Kool G Rap ft Rza – Cakes
UMCs – Never Never Land
Def 3 ft Moka Only & Panther – Live It Up

This episode first aired on 94.9 fm Radio Western on Thursday May 16th at 10:00 pm ET.

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