Word is Bond Rap Radio – #609 JuKnow?

Did you watch the Juno Awards this weekend? If not, don’t sweat, I got you covered with a brief recap today. Maestro Fresh Wes was honoured as the first ever Hip Hop artist to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. It was really cool to see.

You might not agree with the awards overall, and I don talk about that a bit today, but they certainly know how to make a good show that shows what Canadian music is all about. They even highlighted the DJ, which they have been doing for years. I love that.

I kick off this episode with some brand new music as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see a new Journalist 103 verse and I hope you will be too.

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Chase March & Strange Breed – Word is Bond
M-Dot ft Kore – Certifiable
Artifacts – The Way I Feel (Th3ory Hazit Remix)
Tru Trilla ft Reks, Lakim Shabazz, LG Roc – Sun Rays
Chris Thomas ft Diabolic – Check YoSelf
Analog Suspects ft Black Fonzarelli – Shinin’
Pushing Buttons ft Journalist 103 & Revalation – New Avengers
Maestro Fresh Wes – Put Ya Guard Up
Chyna Streetz – Bliss
Rhymefest ft Abstract Mindstate – Pop
Maestro Fresh Wes – Juno Performance (Live)
Tobi – Someone I Knew

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This episode originally aired Thursday March 28, 2024 at 10:00 pm ET on 94.9 fm Radio Western.

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