Word is Bond Rap Radio #601 – All I Need

Thank you to everyone who came by, called in, or listening to the 600th episode of the show. It was incredible to mark this milestone with all of you. 

I have a few interviews locked in for the upcoming months. I plan on doing another live show with some local talent too. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy some great music. 

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Chase March & Unlearn – Word is Bond Theme
Shark & Das – The Pen
Dookie Bros  -The Dream Team
Reks & Samir – Rather Unique
Czarface – All That For A Drop of Blood
5.1.nine.0.2. ft Check Love & Speak Easy – One More Rhyme
K-Rec ft 4-IZE and Moka Only – Let Me Go
Mista Sinista ft The One Chadio – Liquid Flow
Kipp Stone – Vanderhall Venice
Torae & Marco Polo – Days Of Your Lifetime
Beat Bop Scholar ft Craig G – You Sold Out
Edo.G – Truth
Leaf Dog – Til The End
DijahSB – How R U
Abstract Rude ft Awol One & Ahmad – One Lyve Tape
Shaheed and DJ Supreme – Darts
Kueen & MaddSoul – Love Me or Hate Me
strange dust ft Glow Mechanics – Like This
Shad – All I Need

This episode first aired Thursday January 11th at 10:00 pm ET on 94.9 fm Radio Western.

Thanks for the support! I really appreciate it!

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