Word Is Bond #567 (Recorded Live on Stage – Apr 1st)

This entire show was recorded live at Soho Tacos and Tequila’s for the concert headlined by Strange Breed on April 1st, 2023.

It was a lot of fun spinning the music for the show. I’m surprised that I was able to pull off the opening mix as well as I did since I have every artist coming up with a USB drive while I was mixing. I even had to run out to the car for a wire to get the monitor speaker working well.

Shout out to TempoMental for holding down the sound all night and making it proper. You can even hear him checking the mic during the opening mix. 

I included some of the live sets. I recorded most of them but didn’t have the time to air them all here. You definitely get the best of the night though.

I hope to see you at the next show this Saturday. More details later this week!

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Chase March  – Word is Bond
Al Skratch & Team Demo – When I Hit That
Macklemore – Heroes
Abyss – Moticate
Aquasocks – My Escape
Lafayette Stokely – Such Is Life
Wildelux ft A.G., Sadat X, and DJ M-1 – Reign Supreme
Fashawn & Marc Spano – Father’s Love
Moka Only, Akompliss, Laprada – Summer All Year
Alcynoos, Parental & Loop Holes ft Mathematik – King of the World
M-Dot – HoopHop
Hit-Boy – Composur Part 2
Blak Madeen – Food For Thought
Arc – Live Performance
Scrmmbled Eggs – Live Performance
Krooked – Live Performance
TempoMental – Live Performance
Strange Breed – Live Performance

Thank you for listening!

Original Air Date – April 13, 2023

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