Word is Bond #456 – Where Ya At?

No guest this week, just straight music. This is episode 456 of Word is Bond Rap Radio, recorded from my basement bunker.

Press play and enjoy the show!

Chase March & Unlearn – Word is Bond Theme
Khan – Halfway
Rakim & Damu the Fudgemunk – Wingz of Hip-Hop
Pearl Harba ft Termanology – Blaze One
Nipsey Hussle & Jay-Z – What It Feels Like
Celso – Someday
Brass Tackz – Authentik
Joshua Jive – Spread Your Wings
OC from NC ft Nova – Friend or Foe
Greenlights Music – Planet Patrol
Kev Brown & J Scienide – Out the Safari
Stonam – Redemption
More or Les – Mean Little Myth
Gee Wunder – All Thru the Day
Mr Hyde & Cherie Rain – Superhuman
Rip Mobb ft Mars Hall – It Ain’t Safe
DJ Cosm ft Touch, Unknown Mizery & Ali Dahesh – Natural Within
Mickey O’Brien – The Tower (Reshuffled)
Reef the Lost Cause, Haj of dumhi, DK Skipmode – Revelations
King Khazm ft Z.D.C. & Astro Brim – Next Generation
UFO Fev & Big Ghost Ltd – Broken Promises
Taiyamo Denku ft Sonny Seeza of Onyx – Concrete Street
Eto & Nicholas Craven – Vendetta
Bronze Nazareth & Leaf Dog – Get It Myself
Th1rt3en – Cult 45
Beni-Hana – Bloody Blunts 2
Cee Knowledge – Locals
Heem & DJ Green Lantern ft Benny the Butcher & Rick Hyde – It Could Happen
Krs-One – Don’t Fall For It
Mobb Deep & MiLKCRATE – Tough Love
3rd Bass – Steppin to the A.M.
Digital Underground – Rhymin on the Funk
Boogie Monsters – Bronx Bombas
The Pharcyde – Soul Flower (Remix)
Shaquille O’Neal ft Phife Dawg – Where Ya At
PM Dawn – Plastic (The Funk U Tomorrow Mix)
Skee-Lo – Waitin for You
Cypress Hill – The Phuncky Feel One
Redman ft Busta Rhymes – Da Goodness


Original Air Date – Thursday February 18, 2021

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