Word Hammers (Teaching Tip)

I found this great teaching idea on Pinterest.

It comes courtesy of Ms. Kerri and Her Krazy Kindergarten blog.

I found these hammers in the dollar section at Target because I knew I could come up with a game. So I made some cards with nails on them and different popcorn words and word family words. My kids are loving it. I started tutoring yesterday with a few kids and we played in the afternoon. I call out a word and who ever hits it first with the hammer gets to keep it. You can purchase this in my Teacher’s Notebook store. It’s the Tools for Word Work packet. You can get it for $2.50.

I thought this idea was simply brilliant and it is pretty much the reason I signed up for my own Pinterest Page.

Since then, I have seen other variations of this game. For example, the French teacher at my school writes twelve numbers on the board in a grid. She picks two students to come up to the board and she arms them with flyswatters. She then says the French word for the number and the first student to swat that number earns a point.

We could use this idea for a buzzer system in any game show we might play in the class as well. It has so  many great applications.

I really love that teachers are sharing their ideas online.

If you have a great idea that you think the readers here would be interested in, please send it my way. I’d love to hear from you and have you featured here in an upcoming Teaching Tip Tuesday post.

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2 responses to “Word Hammers (Teaching Tip)”

  1. Hi Chase .. sounds a fun way to teach .. and as you say .. glad everyone is sharing what works – and can so easily be adapted ..

    Cheers – nearly holiday time .. ?! Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    Today is the last day of school. The year seems to have flown by.

    I'll be working as a day-camp counsellor this summer. Should be fun.

    Hope you have a great summer too!