Women in Hip-Hop Special TONIGHT!

DOPEfm is an underground hip-hop radio show that Daddy J, Gamma Krush, and myself, Chase March bring to you each and every Saturday night on 93.3 CFMU in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada or worldwide at http://cfmu.mcmaster.ca

We have the overnight slot of programming starting at 12 midnight EST and running straight through till 7:00 a.m.

This year in honour of International Women’s Day we are bringing you an entire evening dedicated to the Women in Hip-Hop.

That is 7 hours of dope hip-hop where every single track we play is blessed by a woman.

In addition to that, we will have 3 brand new episodes of Know Your History and an exclusive phone interview with Kadyelle.

We have so much material that we want to cover, we can’t possibly fit it all in to one show. So next week we will be continuing our International Women’s Day tribute with daily blog posts and podcasts.

You can listen live tonight or check this blog and the podcast all next week as we will be uploading fresh content daily.